Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sunday Favourites #195

I'm back with another round of my Sunday Favourites...

Oh, good God, these Pot Tart ice cream sandwiches look amazing.

I love this idea of a pity party girls' night in!

This week's to-do list...

I haven't got any parties to plan for, but I want to make a popcorn pinata!

This tropical Pocky cake roll looks like the perfect Summer treat.

These macarons look amazing.

I love this colourful DIY bistro make-over.

These flamingo prints are lovely.

How cute are these little DIY face planters?!

These amazing insect specimens are all made by hand by artist Kate Kato using recycled paper, wire and thread. They look so realistic!

Rescue dog Popeye goes out to dinner with his humans, and poses with their food in appropriate dinner attire for his Instagram page, and isn't that just the cutest thing ever? Adorable puppy and some serious food porn? Genius!

I love these colourful DIY flower lights.

And this geometric polar bear tattoo is a thing of dreams.

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  1. Wow, those were some really deep articles down the bottom. I really liked the one about keeping friendships with chronic illness- that was so well written. Thank you for sharing these.
    I really like the design of that turquoise tattoo- I might make it into a brooch!

  2. So many good DIY's and the articles about chronic illness were really helpful, I forwarded them to a friend.

  3. Those articles about chronic illness are so good, I don't have a chronic illness but I have an invisible illness which can lead to severe pain for lengths of time. Sometimes I feel like I have to cancel on everyone all the due to pain and I feel like such a flake, but I'm not alone and I think its important to member that and also remember that my friends who know what's going on are always so kind about it. On a lighter note....that dog in his cute outfit *dies*

  4. OoOh, I was at a barbecue last night and I met someone whose daughter has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and I was telling her about your blog!


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