Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday Favourites #194

It's time for this week's favourites...

This colourful series of 'Freak Fruit' art by Sneha Sankar

These fluffernutter waffle sandwiches look ah-mazing.

Yes, this pool-float flamingo is really a cake!

I'm in love with Kate's colourful office. I wish I had an office like this.

Love this.

I love these summer iPhone wallpapers, and the best part is, they're free to download!

I'm digging these hexagonal wood shelves.

I adore the honeycomb wall art in this photo, and am seriously tempted to give it a go myself.

PuiPui must be the most stylish bunny on the planet. Could this be more adorable?

This poolmoji idea is brilliant. The GIFs crack me up.



  1. Waffle sandwiches and flamingo cake - I'm getting hungry :D

  2. Seriously that bunny in all his fancy outfits is the best :)


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