Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sunday Favourites #185

Another Sunday, another round of my Sunday Favourites...

I'm loving this amazing explosion of colour from Keiko Lynn.

This pinata cake looks amazing.

I could go for a bowl of this DIY Pot Tart crunch cereal right about now.

This banana split manicure is so damn cute.


I want to make some DIY watermelon pinatas!

I kinda want to make a funfetti cake batter cake, too.

I'm blown away by this embroidered egg on toast by Judith G. Klausner. The toast is even real!

The last line really made me laugh, for some reason!

My local wildlife park has been hand-rearing these adorable twin armadillo pups, and oh, dear God I'm in love. I wish I had her job!

These otter photos are so cute.

How cool are these X-ray embroideries by Matthew Cox?! I'd love to do something similar with the CT scans of my spine!

These colourful tattoos from Martyna Popiel are beautiful, especially the penguin.

I also adore these amazing Alice in Wonderland tattoos. Tattoo goals.

This one is awesome, too!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ A method of dispelling awkward silences...  Totally made me laugh out loud.

♥ 11 reasons why being the second-born child is the best. Well, until the third child comes along and you become the middle child...

♥ I loved reading about Trees' trip to Manila.

♥ Mandy shared her 10 tips for battling anxiety.

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  1. That armadillo is so cute! Where is this place? When I go to Abingdon to visit my sister in law, I must pay a visit! I was teaching my year 1's about SouthAmerican instruments and apparently, the charango (like a mini-guitar) was originally made out of an armadillo shell! So horrid!

  2. I always look forward to your Sunday favourites so how on earth did I miss this one?? Anyways....I'm pretty in love with that jumper dress with vampire teeth and the otter - obvs because its adorable!! Also thanks for the mention :D


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