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Puppy Spam | Rosie 12-16 Weeks Old

It's been more than a month since I last wrote a post about Rosie, our new Tibetan terrier puppy, so I thought it was about time I did an update and spammed you with some new puppy photos! Be warned- there are a lot!!

I've become one of those annoying puppy Mums who can't stop taking pictures of her puppy, like she's a newborn baby instead of a four-legged friend. Seriously, I've taken over two thousand photos of her since we bought her home seven weeks ago- and the sad part is, I'm not even kidding! I just can't help myself. She always looks so adorable, even when she's being a complete terror and getting up to mischief, so I'm constantly reaching for my camera to document it all. I'm a blogger / crazy puppy Mum; it's what we do.

Rosie is seventeen weeks old now, and tomorrow we will have had her for seven whole weeks, which is insane. I've no idea where the time has gone, but the weeks have flown by! I guess that's what happens when you have a hyperactive puppy to keep you on your toes!

In the last seven weeks, she's come along leaps and bounds, and has grown so much already, both physically and mentally. She's still a fairly small pup, but she's getting bigger and fluffier by the day, and is currently entering the super-cute gangly-legs and crazy-ears phase of puppy hood, which somehow makes her look even cuter.

She's progressing really well; she's almost fully house-trained, she's coming along well with obedience training, she's doing better on the lead, and she no longer cries when she's left alone for a few hours. She's even beginning to nip a little less, although the puppy-biting is still a daily struggle and she's just going to need more time and training until she keeps her teeth to herself, She's just a puppy, after all.

Like most puppies, all she wants to do is play and explore and run and jump and cause havoc and garden and bark at plates and do all the other fun stuff puppies love to do, because apparently life in suburbia is the most exciting thing ever!

These are some of my observations of Rosie aged 12 to 16 weeks old...

♥ She's learnt how to 'sit', 'stay', 'lie down', give her 'paw', 'high-five', and 'come here'. She now tries to give you her paw all the time, which is super cute. We're currently working on 'stop!', 'no', and 'let go'.
♥ Her current favourite toys are the garden brush, and a tatty old tennis ball she found in the garden- even though she has about 20 dog toys and plays with all of them, too.
♥ Loves biting off branches and twigs from bushes in the garden, and running around with them so we can't catch her.
♥ She's crazy about fish! Whenever my parents open a can of tuna, pilchards (ew!) or salmon, she gets super excited, sits at their feet, gets vocal, and begs for some until they give in.
♥ She rarely finishes a bowl of food in one go; add a little tuna to her kibble and she'll demolish it all in a minute! I think we may have to switch to a half dry, half wet food diet at some point.
♥ Caught her barking at the ornamental plates on the bottom of the fire place...
♥ Somehow got herself stuck behind the fish tank and tangled up in the wires and tubes... even though it's up against a wall, and we'd barricaded the gaps either side.
♥ She only takes a few seconds to sprint a hundred feet, and runs like a greyhound.
♥ She's scared of rain storms and gale force wind, and will cry if you leave her alone in a room during a storm...
♥ ...but she isn't phased about being out in the rain one little bit.

I need to find a fox toy like this so I can rename her 'Ambrosius!'

♥ Talks to next door's terrier in grunts and snorts through the tiny gaps at the bottom of the fence, and regularly listens out for him.
♥ Caught her stealing a carrot from the compost heap.
♥ Follows her nose around the garden like a bloodhound.
♥ Loves to pick up stones, pebbles, and sea shells in her mouth. Doesn't like giving them up.
♥ She's already had three baths, and puts up with them surprisingly well.
♥ She barks at the hair drier when you try to dry her; tries to bite you when you attempt to towel dry her.
♥ Loves to burrow underneath her dog bed in her crate, and in between the bed and the cushion, as if she's throwing a tantrum.
♥ Rarely eats a lot from her bowl in one go, but put some of it in to a Kong and she'll quickly eat every last piece, and beg for it to be refilled... yet isn't interested in eating from the bowl when it's offered at the same time!
♥ She loves drinking out of the bird bath.
♥ Often stops to smell the flowers.

♥ She loves to eat dandelions.
♥ Tries to jump up to grab stuff from the washing line.
♥ Gets super excited when she meets someone new, or if she hasn't seen you in a day or two.
♥ Licks me to death for ten or fifteen minutes whenever I let her out of her crate.
♥ Had her first puppy class last Tuesday, and was scared of a vocal little dachshund.
♥ Has just started barking when somebody knocks on the door and whenever she sees a cat in the garden.
♥ Her fur is already getting so long and shaggy. I'd say she's 85% fluff, 15% teeth.
♥ She thinks everything is a toy- shoes, mail, keys, fridge magnets, jewellery, plates, sticks, stones, sea shells, flowers, soil, potatoes, hair, clothes, remote controls... basically anything she can get her paws on.
♥ She's almost outgrown her first puppy collar already.
♥ Loves digging in the mud until her face and feet are covered in mud, and always looks so proud of herself afterwards.
♥ She's still a little puppy, but she has a very long body, and when she stretches out she takes up the length of almost two seat cushions on the sofa.

Even though we've only had Rosie for seven weeks, it feels like she's always been here with us, and I'm already beginning to forget what life was like without her. Was there really a time when I wasn't covered in bruises and bite marks, and was able to finish a task in one go?? If there was, I can't remember it. She's reshaped our lives, and life just wouldn't be the same without her now.

She's even encouraging me to push myself through the pain a lot more, as I have to spend a couple of hours out of bed most days to look after her when we're home alone. I have a fur baby to think of now and not just myself any more. I'm still really struggling with the extra pain being out of bed and running around after a hyper puppy causes me, but the main thing is I'm doing it anyway, and I'm actually getting outside in the garden and soaking up plenty of vitamin D! Plus I have an awesome little fur-baby now, and someone to hang out with at home, so she's improving my life in so many ways. I couldn't ask for more than that!

If you'd like to see more photos of Rosie, I will soon be creating an Instagram page for her, and in the meantime you can keep up to date with her via my own Instagram account.

Do you have any pets, and do you consider them your fur/feather/scale-babies? If you haven't got any pets, do you want any?

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  1. So many super pictures - she is so cute!

  2. Oh she is so gorgeous! You can never have too many puppy pictures xxx

  3. She's adorable, and I'm glad she's having a positive effect on you (even if you do have to grit your teeth through the pain!) xx

  4. What a gorgeous pup! <3

  5. Awww...bless - she is adorable! My favourite photo is the one of her looking longingly outside.


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