Friday, 25 March 2016

Lovely Links | Body Positivity, Chronic Illness, Mental Health & More

I'm sorry that posts are so thin on the ground at the moment. I'm suffering from a major bout of writer's block, and can't seem to break through it, even though I've got ten posts sitting half-finished in my drafts with photos at the ready. 

I thought it was a good opportunity to share a mammoth list of posts I've read, enjoyed, been inspired by, or learnt something from over the last month or so. There are well over a hundred links in this post! A big chunk of them are about mental health, illness, and disability, but you'll also find links to body positivity and fat acceptance posts, random acts of kindness tales, and  of course, a good dose of animal related stories, too. I don't expect anyone to read any or all of them, but I wanted to share them anyway, for anybody who might find them helpful, or need a reason to smile.

Chronic Illness, Invisible Illnesses, Illness, and Chronic Pain


Faith In Humans Restored

♥ A happy ending for Anubis the dog who had his nose cut off because he barked, and was left to roam the city streets alone. (Warning: the photos of his disfigurement might upset or cause distress to anybody with a heart, as he is missing his entire top jaw / snout).

♥ Dog noticed his owner was sad, so he brought her a potato to cheer her up.

♥ This pregnant dog did the best maternity photo shoot you'll ever see.

♥ Purple kitten once used as a 'chew toy' makes stunning transformation.

♥ Norway's radioactive reindeer.

♥ Divers shocked to find dugongs trapped in cages under water.

♥ This guy can't stop saving animals and the photos are pure joy.

♥ Animal shelter gets robbed and the most beautiful thing happens.

♥ Underwear stealing cat leads to the funniest flyer ever written.

♥ 19 pictures of hedgehog bellies that prove everyone has a soft side.


♥ 11 things that happened in Home Alone that would never happen now.

♥ An eerily similar replica of the Titanic is due to set sail in 2018.

Thanks for reading!

Have you read anything good lately that you think I should read? Feel free to leave me links in the comments below. 


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