Monday, 29 February 2016

What I Wore | Red And Green Should Never Be Seen

I've finally managed to take some photos of myself wearing my green polka dot Lola dress from Dolly and Dotty, and, as promised, I've recreated the outfit I wore on Christmas Day (minus a couple of festive accessories) for it's outfit debut.

I might look ridiculous dressed in red and green in February, but I like this outfit, so what the hell. We can always pretend it's an early St. Patrick's Day ensemble! (Even if I do look like a Christmas elf...)

Before we start, I'm sorry for the quality of today's photos; I took these on a rainy day, and my camera apparently didn't want to focus properly. Still, I figure they're better than nothing, though, right (?) since outfits are so scarce here these days! I hope you don't mind too much.

I bought the dress back in December, just after I discovered rockabilly brand Dolly and Dotty for the first time. I don't know how I'd never heard of them before (where have I been??), but I instantly fell head over heels in love with this dress and had to get it to wear on Christmas Day. It was not only my idea of the perfect Christmas dress, but the perfect green polka dot dress, too, which is something I'd been hunting for for years. (Green's my favourite colour, and you guys know how much I love polka dots, but good green polka dot dresses aren't as easy to find). I didn't need any more persuading, but the fact that the dress was only £14.99 on sale just sweetened the deal, and I snapped one up straight away.

It turned out to be even more perfect in the flesh- great-quality medium-weight cotton, very well made, beautiful colour, gorgeous design... practically perfect in every way, apart for one little detail- the sizing. My usual size swamped me, so I had to exchange it for a size smaller, but I'm happy to say that one fits me like a glove. So, size down with the Lola dresses, if you can (they come in UK sizes 6-24); the cut is very generous, and the fabric has some stretch, even at the waist (which is fitted). I should add it also has a zip to the back, but I can still get the dress over my head without unzipping it.

The colour is much darker and bolder than my photos show, more like a dark apple green. For some reason my camera won't capture the colour properly indoors or outdoors, but the colour in the stock photos is pretty spot on. If green isn't your thing, the Lola dress also comes in sixteen other colours, so there's an entire rainbow of Lola dresses to choose from! I love this dress so much I'm hoping to collect a few more of the colours over time, especially the teal, brown, yellow, and red. At just £27.99 each, a little collection of Lola's will hardly break the bank, so I think I can justify it! They even come with two free fabric belts (one matching, one plain) that actually fit, and a Dolly and Dotty red canvas bag. which is such a cute touch, and a bargain for the price. The dresses cost a little less than similar ones from Lindy Bop, and a lot less than those from Lady Vintage, but the quality is just as good!

I've worn this dress a couple of times now, and I absolutely adore it. I only wish I'd found it sooner. It got it's first wear on Christmas Day as I'd planned, which I wore with all of the pieces I'm wearing in today's photos- red cropped cardigan, red belt, toadstool brooch, rose bracelet, and ruby red slippers- but in addition, at Christmas, I accessorised it with a bauble-shaped clutch bag, cherry earrings, and a ring or two as well. I thought that was a bit OTT for a dreary February morning, so I kept things a lot simpler- although looking at these photos, I think the outfit could've done with a necklace to break the fabric up a little.

What I Wore

Dress- Dolly and Dotty // Belt- Dolly and Dotty (came with the dress) // Cardigan- M&CO
Shoes- Evans // Bracelet- Cath Kidston // Brooch- Cath Kidston

It was a really fun outfit to wear, even if I looked ridiculous wearing these colours together at this time of year. I don't care; life's too short to live in black and white. You can be sure that I'll be wearing this dress with lots of other colour-combos as we go in to Spring and Summer. Who knows what colour palette I'll go for next!

I have a feeling this won't be the last dress I buy from Dolly and Dotty or the last you'll hear about them from me!

Have you treated yourself to anything from Dolly and Dotty lately?



  1. You don't look at all ridiculous in the colour combination-why should red and green belong to Christmas alone. You look very pretty and the dress suits you to a tee. I haven't bought anything from this online retailer but I've looked when they've had sales and been tempted. I really like this type of retro dress company, like you I love Lindybop, Lady Vintage and also Vivien of Holloway as well Collectif (bought a gorgeous sailor coat in.their sale! I hope your health is improving.

    I'm sorry I haven't commented for a while, I do still read your blog but i've just tried to prioritize leaving regular comments on those who respond as it does get a bit depressing. I still like what you write though, the effort you put into your own blog, the great photos and I hope always that your health will improve.

    1. Thanks so much, Kezzie! I think I've just got it in to my head that red and green is only acceptable at Christmas, and I'm not even sure why. Will have to wear the colour combo more, then! If you love Lindy Bop and Lady V, you'll definitely love Dolly and Dotty, too. Their clothes are gorgeous. I love Collectif and bet your sailor dress is amazing. My health hasn't been great lately, but I'm doing okay. Thanks for asking!

      There's no need for you to apologise for not commenting as often. I'm the one who should be apologising! I've been terrible at keeping on top of comments in recent months, and it's all gotten away from me. I'm so sorry so many of your lovely comments have gone unanswered for so long. I've appreciated every one. I'm playing catch up this afternoon, and after that I'm going to do my best to reply to messages daily again. Thanks again for your lovely words, and for continuing to read / comment even though it's been ages since I've replied. xx

  2. I love red and green together and this is just gorgeous on you honey! Really great detailed post too love. I need to pop over to Dolly and Dotty and have a little look.

    1. Thank you so much! I do get a bit carried away with words when I write about things I love! Everything from Dolly and Dotty looks amazing. xx

  3. I really love this outfit, don't think it's too festive at all.

  4. Louise you look AMAZING, I have the biggest hair envy right now! Fair play for rocking the brights as always. Is it green shadow from the Vice 4 you're wearing? xx

    1. Aw, thank you, Hannah! You've made my day! My hair is actually driving me mad right now, and I'm dying to get it cut short again. I've not had a hair cut in over two years! I can't believe you managed to spot the colour of my eye make up! I think I was wearing Inglot eyeshadows in these photos. xx

  5. You look so cute and I'm so happy to see you do an outfit post - I know they aren't the easiest thing for you to do! Your dress is so cute!! I have a green shift dress I wear with a green cardi so you're not the only one rocking the green and red look. Also....toadstood brooch!! *dies*


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