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My Mystical Wonderland Adult Colouring Book Review

It's no secret that I love to de-stress with a good adult colouring book. I've talked about my love for the pastime several times over the last year or so, and have reviewed a few of the colouring-books I've enjoyed, too. I still enjoy colouring-in regularly, so naturally, when Plexus got in touch and invited me to review a new adult colouring book called 'My Mystical Wonderland', I jumped at the chance.

My Mystical Wonderland* is a beautifully illustrated colouring book, filled with 101 magical pictures that are just screaming to be brought to life with colour. The illustrations follow a mystical, fairytale theme with page after page of magical unicorns, fire-breathing dragons, painted peacocks, and noble stags. There are even more pages of flowers and trees, toadstools and feathers, and all kinds of wonderful animals, which together create a mystical fairytale world in black and white. My favourite of the illustrations has to be the lion with bows and flowers decorating his fabulous flowing mane; I couldn't stop myself from getting to work on him almost straight-away!

The pictures follow the same style as the other book in the series, My Magical Oasis (reviewed here), which are outlined in black ink in a variety of thicknesses. Some of the illustrations are made up of intricate detail, and others have a lot of blank space that can be block-coloured or elaborated on with your own detail, often with a few words on the page to encourage your creativity. I think the variety helps to keep the book fresh and interesting, while providing something for every taste, and ability. It doesn't matter whether you're new to colouring-in or an old pro; whether you like simple designs or those with a lot of detail; this book has something for everybody. 

Each illustration is printed back to back on good-quality, reasonably thick white paper, although the paper isn't quite thick enough to stop ink bleeding through to the other side. If you have your heart set on colouring two pictures back to back, I'd advise you use colouring pencils instead of felt tip pens. I personally love using Crayola colouring pencils because the colours are so bold, and I personally think they give the best results.

I've been busy colouring away in my copy over the last couple of weeks, and I've enjoyed every minute of it; it's such a fun colouring book to kick back with. I find colouring-in really relaxing, so I like to put my feet up, pop on a movie or some music, and colour away to my heart's content to unwind and de-stress. I find it amazing how quickly colouring-in can take away all of my worries and stress; one minute I can be so stressed and upset that I'm on the verge of a panic attack, the next, after a little colouring, I'll be calm, content, and chilled again. I personally think it's an effective form of therapy for my mental health (I suffer from depression and anxiety), and also a great distraction from the constant sting of chronic pain. and all the other mental and physical woes that come with it. It helps to have a distraction and something to channel my energy in to. (Of course, colouring is not a substitute for professional medical care and treatment, but it can definitely supplement it).

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to relax and channel your creativity, I'd recommend you get yourself a copy of My Mystical Wonderland* and a pack of colouring pencils pronto. It's a fantastic adult colouring book, and with 101 beautiful pictures to colour in, it will provide you with entertainment and enjoyment for many months to come. If you love fantasy, animals, and nature, this is the colouring book for you.

My Mystical Wonderland is available to buy from all good book shops. Find it on Amazon and Waterstones here.

Have you got yourself a copy of My Mystical Wonderland yet? Do you enjoy colouring-in in your spare time?

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*This colouring book was gifted to me by Plexus in exchange for a review. As always, all words, opinions, and photos are my own.


  1. I am a fan of colouring book too! My favourite is still my day of the dead one and I have a really small "mindfulness" colouring book I take traveling that's just random patterns so I don't have to think too much on a 10 hour flight or while waiting in an airport. I love the peacock - it looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Trees.The mindfulness books look amazing; I bought a couple of them for my little sister's last birthday. I love that you take yours when you're travelling- great idea! :) xx

  2. I've never really got into the colouring book trend, to be honest. Not because I don't like colouring - I do find it relaxing, but I just have so much to fill my spare time anyway that I don't tend to get it all done as it is. I love the look of the illustrations in this one though and will keep it in mind for my sister's birthday.

    1. I'm not surprised you haven't had time. It always amazes and inspires me how much you manage to fill your time with. This book would be a great birthday present for your sister, though. xx


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