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Zen Colouring Winter Wonderland | Adult Xmas Colouring Book Review

The adult colouring book craze has been taking the world by storm for a couple of years now, but did you know that there are Christmas colouring books for adults now, too? Yes, really! We can actually colour our way right through 'til Christmas, without having to steal a book off a small child!

Being a massive Christmas geek who enjoys colouring-in, I had to get myself a piece of that action, and bought myself a copy of the Zen Colouring "Winter Wonderland" colouring book a few months ago.

Winter Wonderland is a lovely Christmas colouring book filled with a wide variety of intricate Christmas patterns and pictures that are just waiting to be brought to life with colour. There are pages of snowflakes, Christmas trees, decorations, presents, mittens, scarf-wearing polar bears, reindeer, and holly- everything you would expect to find in a Christmas colouring book, and more.

The tiny illustrations are thin line drawings with so much detail that each page can take days to complete, so you really get your money's worth with this colouring book. You could easily spend an entire lazy day colouring in a page, but you could also just fill in a little at a time whenever you have a little time to spare, say, in between basting the turkey and wrapping a mountain or presents.

I've spent many happy hours colouring away in it lately, but I've not finished a full page yet. I've basically just filled in lots of little areas on several pages; a polar bear here, a Christmas tree there... completing little corners whenever I've had a spare ten minutes. I get bored of colouring in the same pattern over and over all in one go, no matter how lovely it is, so working on different pages at the same time helps to keep me interested.

I like to use colouring pencils for colouring-in, but I think you could use felt tip pens if you prefer, because the paper is reasonably thick and the pictures aren't back to back. The book is filled with great-quality white A4 paper, and with fifty pages to colour in, this book will keep you entertained long after Christmas is over.

If you haven't picked up a colouring book since you were a kid, this is a great time of year to give it a try. I'm sure you'll agree that Christmas time is the most stressful time of the year. We all have a million things to do, we have to stretch our money further, and we have very little time to just relax and enjoy the festivities. (Plus we have to spend time with people that rub us up the wrong way, while restraining ourselves from pelting them with brussel sprouts). 

With all that pent us stress, we need an outlet, right? Well, colouring-in is an effective way to release some of that stress and tension. No, really! Colouring in is extremely therapeutic and relaxing, and it's a proven stress reliever. It might not feel as satisfying as launching brussel sprouts at Great Aunt Edna's head, but trust me, it works, it's fun, and nobody has to get hurt! You can reach for the colouring book in between tasks, grab yourself a cuppa (or a cheeky glass of wine), put your feet up, and colour away for as long as you can spare. If you're anything like me, you'll feel the stress and tension lifting away, and come away feeling completely relaxed, ready to tackle the next job on your to do list!

If you're looking for an easy way to de-stress this Christmas, I'd recommend you get yourself a copy of Zen Colouring's Winter Wonderland colouring book and a pack of colouring pencils, and give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

It's a great colouring book, good quality, well-priced, and a fun way to get in to the Christmas spirit.

You should be able to find this colouring book in all good book shops. I bought my copy from Hobbycraft here

Have you got yourself a Christmas colouring book yet? Do you like to colour-in in your spare time?

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  1. Lovely post and lovely colouring! I have a few colouring books, I was pretty skeptical about the therapeutic nature of it TBH, but I wanted to do it anyway because I like crafts and making stuff, but I have to admit it is really calming. I love the wee polar bears!

  2. They're every where!! I like the ones,which are cards which you can give to people!


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