Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sunday Favourites #164: Christmas Special

I've got another Christmas-themed Sunday Faves for you today, packed full of festive inspiration in classic reds, greens, and whites- my favourite Christmas colours- to help you get in to the Christmas spirit. Enjoy.

I love these cross stitch card kits  from Riverdrift House. If I didn't have other cross stitch projects on the go I'd snap them up in a heart beat. I'll definitely be buying them to make next Christmas, though. You can buy them on Amazon here: top and bottom.

I adore this piece of Elf hoop art! 

How cute are these Christmas cookies?!

Pretty Scandinavian Christmas decor. You'll find another 38 Scandi Christmas ideas at the source!

These DIY upcycled Christmas hoop arts are amazing! They put mine to shame.

These Christmas meringue cookies are so pretty.

I'd love to make these Christmas wreath macarons; they look amazing.

Tattooist Sasha Unisex has created these stunning festive temporary tattoos, and dear God, I want them all. They're all so beautiful.

This display is lovely.

I adore these festive fifties pin up style duvet sets from ASDA. You can find them  here: top and bottom.

I'm loving this pretty Scandi display.

I love these fifties style decorations and gift wrap from Dot Com Gift Shop.

I bought some of these little festive loaf cases recently, although I still haven't decided what to bake in them yet.

These decorations are so pretty. I may have bought myself some of the Scandi pegs, which are still on sale for just £1.50!

These colourful painted baubles are gorgeous.

This display is perfect.

This eye make up look is stunning, and perfect for the festive season.

This is amazing.

I love this Christmas tattoo.

And this festive scene is so beautiful.

Louise's Lovely Links

For more Christmas ideas and inspiration, check out my Pinterest account. I currently have 18 different Christmas boards on there, packed full of festive images! (Yes, I admit, I'm a Christmas junkie!)

Pop back next Sunday when I'll be sharing my third and final festive Sunday Favourites post of the year. It's going to be a colourful one!

Thanks for reading!



  1. So many cute things! I love that hoop art and I know yours are wonderful too. You will let us know what you bake in those wee trays won't you :)

  2. This is such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing, it's made me really happy. xx

  3. That rabbit in the Santa costume is utterly adorable!!!! Lots of beautiful thubgs and immaculate trees!


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