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Fashion and Beauty Favourites | August and September 2015

I can't believe I'm putting my August and September favourites together today. How is it already October?? I've got no idea where the last couple of months have gone, and something tells me the next two are going to go really fast, too. It'll be Christmas before we know it, which is insane!

Before I start looking ahead, I'd better look back and share some of my fashion and beauty favourites from August and September. I usually share other things I've been loving in these favourite posts, like books and crafty things, but this month I'm going to blog about them separately, because I fancy a change.

I didn't buy many clothes during the Summer because I spent 99% of it living in my pyjamas, not feeling up to dressing like a proper human being. but I did treat myself to a gorgeous blue and red lip print swing dress from Lady Vintage in August. I had coveted the dress for months, and when I saw it on sale for about £25, I just couldn't resist. It's an absolute beauty! The print is gorgeous, the fabric is fantastic quality, and it fits like a glove. It's sadly no longer available to buy, but the dress comes in loads of other patterns, and there are a couple of other dresses in this fabric that are still available on sale.

In August, I also added a new novelty bag to my ever-growing collection- a studded cat-ears cross body bag by Yoki Fashion. I'd wanted a cat ears bag for years, so when I found this one on sale for £15, I had to snap it up. I love the studded ears and the fact it has a polka dot lining; my only bug-bear is that it's a little shorter than I'd like. The bag is no longer available in black, but a pink version is available here for just £12, down from £30!

I've been loving all the new season Cath Kidston things and made a few cheeky purchases over the last couple of months. I adore my new resin sausage dog and squirrel brooches. Aren't they adorable? They remind me of the Erstwilder designs, but they're far more purse friendly at just £6 each. I also picked up the resin rose bracelet in a gorgeous raspberry colour. I already had the bracelet in red and cream, but I couldn't resist buying it in another colour because I wear them to death. And they're just so pretty!

Another new addition to my CK collection is a pink and blue Provence rose print camera case. I've been searching high and low for a new camera case since I got my camera for Christmas last year; finding one to fit it has been a nightmare. It's taken me nine months, but I've finally found the one! It's a brand new design for AW, and a little wider than their old ones. so it even fits chunky little compact cameras like my little Canon. Now I can actually take the camera out of the house without worrying about breaking it. Yay!

My current beauty favourites have to be my new Inglot eyeshadows. I added a four pan palette and four shadows to my existing collection of twenty-two back in August, and I'm completely smitten with them. The shades are all so beautiful, and I've had so much fun wearing them, and combining them with some of my other Inglot shadows to create lots of different looks. What I love about these eyeshadows is that they're highly pigmented, blendable, and long-lasting, and very reasonably priced, too. The single eyeshadows are just £5.00, the rainbow trios are £6.50, and the palettes, which are sold separately, start from around £5.00. The four-pan is £7.00. Since each shadow and palette is sold separately, you have the freedom to create your own perfect palettes with the shades you love best, which is a brilliant concept. There are dozens if not hundreds of colours to choose from, and something for every taste. I'm going to dedicate a whole post to my Inglot eyeshadow palettes very soon, so if you'd like to know more about them and see swatches, keep an eye on Polka Spots over the next couple of weeks.

So, those were my fashion and beauty favourites from August and September. What were yours? Tell me in the comments below!



  1. Aww, that squirrel brooch is the cutest!

  2. My favourite fashion items from the summer have been my Sheego via Curvissa dungarees which I've been wearing constantly - great when it's too chilly or wet for a dress and require so little thought - and my newest Simply Be Lucy skinny jeans. The perfect fit for my shape. I haven't had a chance to wear them out yet though since they accidentally sent the longer length so my mum needs to take them up (since I can't sew XD) but in a way the longer length is a good thing as the ankle area is a little on the tight side so shortening them will deal with that issue too.

  3. What great buys!!! It took me a lot of will power to resist the Lady V sale!!! Weren't the discounts super!? I have a Cath Kidston voucher so I planned to pick up the sausage dog next time I'm in there! It is v cute! Youre right, they do look v Erstwilder! Your new Cath bag is sweet!
    I've bought far too many things in recent times. I bought an Erstwilder brooch on Monday which is lovely and also almost bought one in Tatty Devine until I thought that one expensive brooch was enough! Also bought 3 beautiful Closet dresses in a local boutique's closing down sale! I love their dresses! I think I'd better hide my purse now!!!x

  4. I'm loving that wee squirrel!

  5. I love the squirrel brooch and print on the dress! Also those eyeshadows are gorgeous <3

  6. Those brooches are amazing! <3 xx


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