Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday Favourites #153

Who's up for some Sunday Favourites?

I would never be able to pull this off myself, but this is gorgeous. 

This eye make up look is stunning.

I wish this was my hair. The colour is to die for.

Colourful confetti cake.

I'm in love with the Russian doll print dress Harlow is wearing in this post, and she looks amazing in it, too.

I love this Harry Potter patronus tattoo.

I adore this lady's purple and pink ombre hair.

Pinata taxidermy, because of reasons.

Pretty wall hangings.

This monochrome office space.

These edible flower baked donuts are so pretty.

These planters are so cute.

I love this manicure.

Georgina's bedroom is the cutest.

I love these colourful patterned ring dishes.

Amanda's outfit is pastel perfection.

I love this series of photos showing how unique each tiger looks.

The world's oceans are so full of rubbish that sea life are using it for their shells, and to shelter in, or like the octopus, they just get trapped in them. This makes me sad.

I know these aren't real photos, but I think they're beautiful just the same.

Louise's Lovely Links

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♥ Miss Kathryn wrote a great opinion post on the importance of plus size blogs. I completely agree.

♥ Sammi looks so lovely in this pretty pastel, floral ensemble.

♥ I'm loving Natalie's new hair colours. The colour combination is so fun and unique.

♥ Want to get creative with your blog photos? Check out these 5 background ideas for blog photography

♥ I love this round up of 50 great galaxy-nail art manicures and tutorials.

♥ 10 things every women in her 30s should know. Yes! Especially number 7.

♥ 9 struggles only introverts can relate to. And relate to them I can. All of them; especially number 8. It's something I struggle with, and I hate it with a passion.

♥ 24 signs you're an introvert and not shy. Although it's a common misconception, not all shy people are introverts, and not all introverts are shy; they're two completely different things. (Except I'm actually both!) 

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Thanks for reading!



  1. I always enjoy these posts Louise - I love the tiger portraits and the little kitty planters :)

  2. I love that ombre lip, agreed I'm not sure I could ever pull that off though! The tigers are gorgeous. And you're really making me seriously consider colouring my hair bright, just because I can D: xx

  3. That black-pink ombre lip is everything! xx

  4. I love everything in this post! Xx


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