Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Favourites #152

It's that time of the week again...

Very wise words! All I wanted growing up was to blend in with the crowd and be like everyone else, but once I'd left college I realised being different can actually be a good thing. It makes you the awesome person you are, so don't fight it- embrace it!

I LOVE this lady's hair and make up.

This pom-pom tote DIY is really cute.

This gum ball machine costume is f-ing amazing!

I love the arrangement and colours used in this photo; so pretty. There's also some tips on keeping a well stocked gift cupboard at the link here, which are really helpful.

This cacti print is gorgeous.

This DIY confetti backdrop would be a great background for outfit photos!

I'm in love with this! Those colours!

One day I will get myself a fox tattoo as pretty as this one.

A cool collection of eighties erasers. Weirdly interesting!

I love these embroidered necklaces. I wish there was a DIY or a link to a place to buy them.

This dress is so pretty!

An awesome tattoo of the mouse from Alice in Wonderland! One of the best tattoos ever. Fact.

This photo is so beautiful. I wish I could just climb in to it and go for a swim.

Colorado looks gorgeous! I never thought about visiting the place before, but it's now on the bucket list.

Kaylah's photos from the Geauga country fair are lovely.

This is such an amazing photo.

I've never seen a lion look more vulnerable and frightened than this little guy. He was kept in a small metal cage at the circus for thirteen years, and hadn't even felt the earth beneath his feet until he was rescued by an animal sanctuary. Then he moved in to his new home and his bewilderment at the grass, rocks, and space turned in to utter happiness. I cried watching the video!

I love the furniture, rug, and colours in this room display.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Char looks absolutely stunning in her Collectif cherry print frock.

♥ I love this outfit worn by the stylish Fashion Hayley.

♥ Sammi looks beautiful in this gorgeous ensemble.

♥ These 100 book blog post ideas from Bee of Vivatramp have given me a few ideas for future posts.

♥ If you suffer from migraines, check out Leah's helpful tips for migraine sufferers; I've learnt a few new things to try next time I get one.

♥ I loved reading about the "solidarity with refugees march" Becky (and ten thousand others) took through the streets of London recently.

♥ This video of a pet duck waiting for his best human friend to come home from school is adorable.

♥ A motherless three week old kitten was nursed back to health by a husky, and now they're inseparable friends!

♥ Dad Bryn Ware found a way of repurposing old crayons to help children in hospitals. Love this.

♥ Photographer Won Kim photographed tiny living spaces in Japan from a series called "Enclosed: Living Small", and I found it interesting to see how each person made their cubicles their own.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I love the video of the duck. So darn cute. I used to have ducks and chickens when I was younger, I'm determined to have them when I'm older!
    All the pretty things as always. Great picks.

  2. Love the pink hair with the double buns ! <3

  3. I love those sparkly buns too - so cute!! Also that lion....all the feels!!

  4. That lion almost made me cry! That sparkly hair is amazing! I'd love coloured hair but my husband hates dyed hair -grrr!x

  5. it is shocking how many crayons are wasted! I'm glad someone is doing something useful with them!x

  6. OMG that gumball dress! WANT. That glittery lip is gorgeous, and the photo of the lion is so upsetting. I can't bear animal cruelty. Thanks for posting my link. xx


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