Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday Favourites #151

Hi guys,

How's your weekend been so far? I spent yesterday morning visiting a local private zoo, which was a lot of fun. I saw my first white tiger and hyena, and I even spent a minute with a squirrel monkey on my shoulder! Weekend made! I'll be blogging about that visit in a couple of days, once I've had a chance to edit all of my photos. In the mean time, who's up for some Sunday Favourites?

Sara featured L.O.M. fashion on her blog this week, and I've fallen in love with all of these colourful, eclectic outfits; especially the third image from the top.

This confetti cake from Like The Cheese looks amazing.

This is probably a kids room, but I love the rug, chair, and colour scheme just the same.

These colourful art prints and wood slices from the Etsy shop Jessiiii are beautiful. They'd make amazing tattoos, too. 

These nail decals from the Etsy shop YVNGPEARL look amazing.

Lazy Kat's My Little Pony clothes and tattoos are the thing of dreams!

Sara's outfit is my idea of perfection.

I need a slice of this Victoria sponge with blackberry compote. Nom.

This heart and arrow hair pin is adorable.

Don't Katie and Amanda look amazing dressed up as Daphne and Velma for Dragoncon?!

A fantastic t-rex tattoo!

Somebody get be these two pretty kitties, I'm in love! The top one is a Devon Rex, and the bottom a Canadian Sphinx..

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Vicky wrote a frank post about the fat shaming she has encountered online and endured personally this week, and also wrote a great post on the 'Dear Fat People' video.

♥ Sandra talked about the pressure to be perfect.

♥ I loved reading about Callie's plus size wedding dress shopping experience with Davids Bridal.

♥ I love Bee's 10 creative blog post ideas.

♥ Kaylah's visit to Lagoon Deer Park is my idea of heaven.

♥ This is what someone with anxiety actually hears, and they've nailed it on the head! This is exactly how my brain works.

♥ There are some great tattoos in this batch of 30 Disney tattoos.

♥ A Harry Potter themed bar has just opened in Toronto, Canada!

♥ Remind me to never go on a voyage to the Mariana Trench... 

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Thanks for reading!


  1. The sphinx cat just won my heart xo

  2. OMG that Devon Rex! Waaaaaaaant. xx

  3. The kitties are too cute I want to cuddle them now xx


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