Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday Favourites #143

Here are a few of my favourite images of the week...

Kate Gabrielle's pastel hand-painted jewellery is complete perfection.

This doughnut pinata is adorable.

Such a beautifully arranged display. I particularly love the colour scheme.

I love these arrangements from stylist Claire Nicolson.

This wallpaper!

This manicure is so funky. I wish I had steady hands so I could try it without making a big fat mess.

Pretty embroidery hoop art! I'd love to make something similar to hang on my walls.

How cute are these confetti dipped balloons?

This is gorgeous.

This is too cute for words.

These ice cream cone macarons are so sweet.

I love how unique this little office space is; the use of ladders is such a brilliant idea!

Beautiful bear tattoo.

Isn't this fruity manicure amazing?

People are painting snails' shells to stop people from stepping on them! I kid you not!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Sian looks stunning in her floral Lady Voluptuous frock

♥ Nancy looks beautiful in all of her Scarlett & Jo dresses.

♥ I'm blown away by how beautiful Bianca's mail art is.

♥ Vicky wrote a brilliant post about school uniform policies that are in place because of the over-sexualisation of the female body.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I don't know how you find all these things! They are pastel and pretty!!! I wore a Lady Vintage polka dot and flower dress yesterday and its colour scheme made me think of your posts!

  2. So much sweetness for our eyes!! I want the ice cream macaroons! !:)

  3. Oh man, now I want a doughnut pinata! Have you ever tried to hit one of those things? They are HARD to kill! We had one at a friend's party a couple of years ago and we had to beat the thing to death to get it to spill out the goodies. xx

  4. Omg I love the wallpaper! I always feel so bad it I step on a snail but surley this makes them stand out more to predators and is it safe for their shell? Xx


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