Friday, 10 July 2015

Oh Crap, I'm Thirty

Hi guys,

Sorry I've been AWOL the last few days; I've been hibernating since I got back from London on Saturday night, and I'm only just feeling human again.

I'm a little behind with my posts now, but today I'm going to share a few snippets from my birthday, which was a week ago yesterday. Have I seriously been thirty for a whole week already?? Yikes! That's scary.

My big 3-0 was quiet and unremarkable, just like any other day. After freaking out about turning thirty for, oh, the last five years, I was surprised by how calm and relaxed I was about it when the day arrived. I'd pictured myself hiding under the duvet in denial, having a Bridget Jones style melt down, but the truth is, I felt okay... almost content.

Twenty four hours earlier, I was freaking out big time about all the things I don't have or haven't achieved with my life yet. (Remember Rachel's melt down in Friends in the one when they all turn thirty? I was worse than that!) I really wasn't handling the thought of turning thirty with little to show for my life well at all, but of course, I was just being ridiculous. There was absolutely nothing for me to be worried about. Nothing changed the second the clock stuck midnight, just the two digits of my age. Life remained exactly the same. Sure, I don't have the life I imagined I would have by age thirty, but that's okay; I'm alive, and I still have a lot to be thankful for. I've realised that nothing I can do will change the write-off that was my twenties, but I still have all the time in the world to make up for lost time and achieve all that I want to achieve. I don't have to do anything at anybody else's pace; I can do things in my own time, and make my own rules. So that's what I'm going to do!

So, I began this new stage in my life by doing... absolutely nothing! I didn't do anything interesting or exciting to mark my thirtieth. I barely did anything at all. My birthday was during last week's heat wave, and I was so hot and frazzled from the heat that I didn't want to do anything. I don't cope very well with the heat, so I was happy just to stay home flaked out in front of the fan. I had a really lazy day, just relaxing, and chatting with my family. That probably sounds really boring (it does to me!), but in a weird way, I actually had quite a nice day.

I woke up to presents and cards from my family.

My parents gave me some money, which I spent on this Scarlett and Jo dress that I've wanted for ages. It's so beautiful, and I'm so happy I finally got my hands on it! They also gave me a pretty pair of yellow topaz earrings, that can be worn with the flower drops in front or behind the ear lobe, or just the studs on their own. I love how versatile they are! As well as the earrings and the cash, the parents gave a set of Mavala nail polishes, a big box of Thornton's chocolates, a black birthday balloon, and a 30th birthday badge. I was spoilt! 

My older sister came over after work, armed with balloons, and a pretty pink gift bag. She gave me a big box of my favourite chocolates, Ferrero Rochers, obviously, and a couple of Yankee candles- 'Orange Splash', and 'Tarte Tatin.' I was really surprised by these little gifts because she gave me money as my 'main' prezzie, so I could choose whatever I wanted. I ended up spending it on some eyeshadows from Lush when we were in London last weekend, which are amazing (and expensive at £10 each), but I now feel like I probably should've spent it on something a little more special. I might just count the eyeshadows as an ordinary purchase, and buy something else from the sister that I can keep.

My younger sister gave me a beautiful cloth-bound copy of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, which I've wanted for ages, and she also gave me a cute little hardback notebook from Waterstones. I have a thing for pretty notebooks, in case you haven't heard.

My best friend sent me this cute little owl necklace, although the chain is too short for me, so I'll have to pop it on another chain. Shh! Don't tell her!

And she also gave me a big tub of mint choc chip cleansing shower butter from Bomb Cosmetics, which I've never tried before, and am looking forward to trying out. It smells so good.

My Mum, and older sister bought me some balloons, with the cutest balloon shaped weights at the end of the ribbons. They're now packed away in my memory box.

I didn't feel up to going out for a meal like I wanted to, and it was far too hot for a hot meal or a cheeky take away, so we had a 'party tea!' And didn't I feel like a five year old! I regret nothing. If you can't eat complete crap on your birthday, when can you, eh?

And, of course, there was cake. My Mum let me pick my own birthday cake this year, so I chose a chocolate cake from M&S with chocolate stars on top. It was delicious. I may have also stolen a taste of the chocolate hazelnut gelato I picked up at the same time. Hey, don't judge! It was my birthday!

And that was my birthday in a nut shell! It was a far cry from how I imagined I'd be spending my thirtieth; four years ago I was planning to celebrate it in New York with my bestie, but my health put a stop to that... but, that's life. I never wanted to celebrate with a big party or night out because that's just not me (introvert alert!), but I had hoped to at least make it out for a meal or a little day trip. I didn't even manage to get dressed up or do my make up like I'd planned; I was too hot to care. Sorry about the lack of outfit pictures!

In the end, it really didn't matter how I spent it. I had a good day, even though it was a quiet one, and I got through my big 3-0 without a melt down. A successful day, if you ask me! 

Did you freak out when you turned thirty, or reached another milestone birthday?



  1. Im so glad you had a nice time and got some lovely and useful pressies!!! my 30th was fairly tame though I did drag a group of friends from different parts of my life to go lindy hop dancing in London which is just what I wanted. my family threw a surprise dinner. X

  2. Glad you had a good day you got some awesome gifts ! Happy belated birthday hun xx

  3. Happy belated birthday! The title of this post made me burst out laughing. :) xx


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