Friday, 17 July 2015

Mini London Haul

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the day in London, and naturally treated myself to a few things with my birthday money while I was there. I didn't buy loads, just some beauty products and food, but I thought I'd still show you what I bought. 

First up is my little Lush Oxford Street haul. I went in especially to check out their new make up range, and came home a happy camper. I chose two Emotional Brilliance eyeliners- Healthy, a gorgeous apple green, and Motivation, a stunning teal blue that looks like the ocean. I actually already have eyeliners in these names, but for some reason the shades are completely different in the Oxford Street branch. The old two are a couple of years old now, so maybe they've changed the shades a little since then. 

The biggest splurge of the trip were the eye jewels. I bought six shades to make a complete palette, but could've easily bought every shade if I had been rich enough. The box and each eyeshadow are sold separately, and they are absolutely gorgeous. I'll be reviewing them really soon; I'm just waiting for some decent sunshine so I can take half decent photos to show them off properly.

I also came home with a 'Pop' patch (yep, Lush now sell patches in London!), and a little bath melt I've completely forgotten the name of. I only bought one for myself since I tend to stick to showers, but I bought a few others for my sister.

In M&M World in Piccadilly Circus, I got sucked in to the tourist trap, and handed over my money for an over-priced tube of red and black M&Ms in the shape of a post box. It cost an extortionate £5.99, but I just couldn't help myself! You wouldn't think I worked in retail for ten years, and learnt all the tricks of the trade! Ah, well, at least the packaging can be used as a money box after I've eaten them.

I can never visit Selfridges without visiting their food hall, and having a nose around at all the weird and wonderful treats from all over the world. I was far more restrained than on past trips, but I still picked up some great goodies for myself and my family.

I bought a bunch of different Irish Dairy Milk bars, which are the best thing ever! The chocolate is so much richer than English Cadbury's and the flavours are so good- especially the mint crisp. It's probably a good thing I don't find these in England very often! Haha! 

I also picked up some Asian treats for myself and my little sister. I was really happy to find the Hello Panda biscuits again. I first tried them about a year and a half ago and they're delicious. They remind me of those Cartoony biscuits that were around in the nineties. I'd never seen the Yan Yans biscuit dips before, so I bought one of each to try. The pink one is strawberry flavoured, and the blue vanilla. Sadly, I didn't notice the seal wasn't intact on the vanilla until I got home, so it ended up in the bin uneaten. 

And that is my little London haul.

Have you bought anything awesome lately?



  1. Oooh so many goodies! I actually went to London recently and bought myself some hello panda biscuits too! :) Greetings from Italy!

  2. The eye palette looks just like Trivial Pursuits!!!!x

  3. Hello panda are one of my favourites ! I'm sure they used to sell them or something very similar when I was younger xx


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