Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Favourites #135

Here are some of my favourites from the past week.

These birthday cake truffles look amazing.

This is awesome.

I'm in love with this tattoo of daffodils and forget-me-nots from Sasha Unisex.

These DIY cacti and succulents from Think Make Share are adorable.

I'm loving these photoreal mountain boxes from Oh Happy Day. There's a printable, too!

So many pretty things!

These fruity balloons are so cute.

I don't know what or where these buildings are, but they're two of the coolest buildings I've ever seen.

This street art looks amazing.

An artist called Hot Tea transformed this New York pool in to a work of art with 120 gallons of colourful paint. Doesn't it look amazing?

A happy little otter.

Owlets or Furbies?

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Sophia wrote a great post about the unspoken blogging rules everyone's talking about.

♥ Chastity shared her back smoothing techniques, using different bras and shapewear. 

♥ Kaylah's photos of animals are so beautiful.

♥ Both Rachel and Vicky look stunning in plus size separates.

♥ Comparison, the thief of joy by The Agoraphobic Fashionista.

♥ A lady battling breast cancer posted a photo of her breasts online to show others what to look for, and it went viral. Definitely worth checking out; it might just save your life.

♥ I'd rather have cancer than chronic fatigue syndrome, explains a CFS sufferer and cancer survivor.

20 reasons it sucks to be an Introvert.  I could relate to almost all of them, but at the end of the day, being an introvert doesn't suck that bad.

and, finally,

Thanks for reading!



  1. Fruity balloons!! oh my goodness aren't they lovely! I adore those houses too, did you see Grayson Perry's programme this week? he designed an incredible house, brilliant artist! intriguing posts about blogging rules, if I do a 'how to' it's always very tongue in cheek, I have no rules, as you can probably tell haha! x x x

    1. The fruity balloons are so cute, aren't they. I want to make some. No, I didn't see his programme, but it sounds like it was really interesting. I don't mind 'how to' posts from bloggers... unless they're adamant you should only ever do things their way. Some are really helpful and interesting, but I think rules are made for breaking, and we all have a 'right' way of doing things. I think your 'how to' post would be brilliant; your sense of humour always makes me laugh! xx

  2. The hand made succulents are so clever. I love them. Those owlets look like ewoks, according to James. :) I'm just about to read that article on CFS. xx

    1. They really are. I want to make some. The owlets just look like little Furbies to me, which really should be terrifying! I thought the article on the CFS sufferer was really interesting, even if people did take her words out of context because they don't understand how bad CFS can actually be. xx

  3. Aww thank you for the link lovely! Those lollys are making me hungry xx

    1. You're very welcome! The lollies do look good, don't they! xx


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