Saturday, 23 May 2015

It's The Little Things

I've not had a lot of fun or excitement in my life for a while, but I've still had a few reasons to smile lately. I think the little things in life are often even better than the big things, anyway. Anyone agree? Either way, the little things make me smile, and here are three which recently left me beaming.

Last week, my best friend sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which totally took me by surprise- particularly because there was nothing to tell me who had sent them. I never get sent flowers, so I was completely baffled for hours until my bestie confirmed they were from her. I had a hunch. She'd sent them as an apology for not being in touch for a while, which of course wasn't even necessary. You know how life gets. It's not always easy to catch up regularly as adults, especially when you currently live 150 miles from each other, and one of you is a single Mum (her, not me!). I definitely didn't deserve a bouquet of flowers, but I was touched by the gesture, and the flowers definitely brightened my day. The white roses and lilac freesias are gorgeous, and they're still looking great over a week later. 

Last Saturday, another surprise landed on the doormat; a box of mini American chocolates from Dandy Candy. This parcel was also anonymous, which had me confused again. Had I won it? Had I been sent it for review or something? I wasn't sure. My first thought was to check with the bestie again, and yep, she'd sent me the chocolates, as well as the flowers! She sure did spoil me last week!

I love American sweets and I'm looking forward to working my way through these. There are several I've never tried before, and a few I love- Butterfingers, Baby Ruth bars, and peanut butter cups. Nom!

And last, but not least... a month or so ago, my sister and I stopped off for a drink at a riverside country pub. It was the first hot day of Spring, so we both grabbed a pint...of coke...(how exciting are we?!), and sat outside in the sunshine by the river. There were only a handful of people in the beer garden with us, and it was so peaceful. 

Just across the river from us was a beautiful brown and white horse. She was galloping around her paddock at lightning speed, rolling around on her back, demanding attention from everybody who walked past, and whinnying as happy as can be. I don't think I've ever seen a horse look so happy!  I don't think anybody else had, either, because she had the whole beer garden transfixed and smiling! It was really lovely to watch. 

This is how domesticated horses should be able to live; not raced and whipped to death for sport. In my opinion, it's far more entertaining watching a horse enjoying life out in the country than being forced to race around a race track. I could've sat there watching her all day. 

What little things have made you smile lately?



  1. What a lovely post Louise! I love horses running in the wild and it often brings tears to my eyes to watch it. I agree, no more whipping horses for 'sport'. xx

    1. Thanks, Leah. There's just something lovely about seeing happy animals, isn't there?! I remember seeing loads of horses in the wild in the New Forest when I was about ten or eleven, and it was amazing to see. I hate seeing animals that are cooped up and miserable. I'll never understand how people can dress animal cruelty up as 'sport' and go about their day with a clear conscience. xx

  2. I never really thought how horrible horse racing was till the horse I put a bet on in the Melbourne Cup died this year. Horse racing is incredibly sad. But onto happier things! Your friend is so sweet to send you two lovely things!! I would like that American Candy more (to be honest) I LOVE peanut butter cups - one of my favourite things:D

    1. That's so sad! It's shockinging how many race horses die each year during these races. I didn't learn the true scale until a couple of years ago, and it really shocked me. How these people live with themselves I'll never know.

      I was definitely spoiled rotten by my lovely best friend. The gesture alone was lovely enough! You can't go wrong with pretty flowers or American chocolate. Peanut butter cups are the best. I'm a happy bunny now we can finally get them over here! xx

  3. Aww that was so lovely of your friend the chocs look amazing xx

    1. It really was. The gestures really made me smile. :) xx


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