Friday, 17 April 2015

My Cath Kidston Heart Print Collection

It's no secret that I'm a huge Cath Kidston fan. I feature their products regularly on the blog in everything from outfit posts to wish lists, and home tours to What's In My Bag? posts. I adore their quirky prints, and I've built up a large collection over the years because I just can't resist them! While I own many different prints, I think my favourite to date is the red and white heart print, which launched earlier this year. 

The heart print is so bold, eye-catching, and fun, and it's a great alternative to red and white polka dots. I'm slowly collecting the pieces I want from the range- just a piece or two at a time, because I'm not rich- but I thought it was time I blogged about the ones I have so far.

My favourite heart print piece so far is the large dot hearts travel case. It's probably the best travel case I've owned to date. It has two large compartments, with plenty of room to be used as a wash bag for holidays, and more than enough room for holding make up essentials, with room to spare. I can even fit my make up brushes in with them. I'm hoping to pick up the smaller case to go with it, so I can use one for make up and one for beauty products when I pack for future holidays. Since they're made from PVC, they're easy to wipe clean, and should withstand major shampoo explosions!

The dot hearts make up case is great for carrying my make up essentials in, although I can't quite fit everything I need in it at once. (Which is why I want to get the smaller travel case). It fits a decent amount of products inside, though, with more than enough room for eye make up, lippy, blusher, and powder. If it was just a little bigger, it would be perfect. I do love the design, though, and enjoy using it. I think it could also work well as a pencil case.

I bought the dot hearts zipped travel purse to use when I'm carrying smaller bags with limited space, like my New Look novelty clutch bags. The star print clasp purse I usually use is getting grubby and tarnished, and this purse seemed like a good alternative. It has a zipped compartment for cash, and space for a few cards, or tickets. It also has a key ring that can be zipped in with money, so it's a convenient little purse, and ideal if you need to travel light. It doesn't take up much space at all, so it's perfect for clutch bags. The only negative is that it's a bit over-priced at £12. (Thankfully, my sister's student discount saved me a couple of quid).

The mini dot hearts key fob is one of the nicest key rings I've ever owned. It's so pretty, and looks really smart. It's my second CK key fob, and I only replaced my last because it's starting to get a little grubby around the edges. I've had that key fob for at least six years, and I'm impressed by how well it's held up. Apart from the dirty edges, it's still in great condition, and I see no reason why this one won't last as long. It's strong and sturdy, and can be easily wiped clean if it gets dirty.

The hearts Stanley mug is the newest addition to my collection, and has become my new favourite mug. The design is so lovely, It's a good size and shape, and it's really well made, too. I think this is the third or fourth CK mug I've owned, and one of the reasons I love them is because drinks always taste so nice from them. That probably makes me sound crazy, but it's true! The right mug, cup, or glass makes a difference!

I even have some heart-print tissues! I bought a couple of packs a month or two ago when I had that awful cold, and was low on handbag tissues. I'm usually a Kleenex girl, but I'm impressed by the quality of CK tissues. They're reasonably thick, and they look cute, too. These don't appear to be available online, but there are other designs here.

And that's my heart print collection... so far. I'm still hoping to get my hands on the sandwich plate, small travel case, and ticket holder before the season is over and the design is retired. I only wish there were more items in the print, especially more homeware, stationery, and luggage. I'd kill for a good heart-print purse or wallet!

Do you have anything from Cath Kidston's heart print range yet? Which piece is your favourite?


  1. This range is too cute! I love the travel case. xx

    1. It's absolutely gorgeous, and the travel case is perfect! I just need to take a trip somewhere so I can test it out! xx

  2. I always think of you when I see cath kidson stuff xx

    1. That must be a sign I like Cath Kidston stuff a little bit too much! Haha! xx


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