Monday, 27 April 2015

Louise's Lovely Links #1

I've read so many interesting and inspiring posts this past week that I just had to share my favourites with you. I usually share links in my Sunday Faves posts, but as there have been so many brilliant posts in light of Plus Sized Wars, Jamelia, and #WeAreTheThey, I thought it was better to give them their own post this week. I did promise this post would be up yesterday, but I was being held hostage by stomach cramps, so sorry they're a day late!

Plus Sized Wars, #WeAreTheThey, Jamelia, Body Positivity, Et Cetera. 

♥ Callie Thorpe, one of the lovely plus size bloggers featured on Plus Sized Wars, told her personal story this week, hoping people will see her as a person, and not a bad role model or statistic. 

♥ Becky Bedbug wrote two brilliant opinion posts, Jamelia and #PlusSizedWars and #WeAreTheThey, on her new blog Curvert.

♥ I enjoyed reading Leah's thoughts on #PlusSizedWars and #WeAreTheThey, and she also penned a fantastic post entitled: you are not your dress size.

♥ Sera reflects on being bullied and body shamed from an early age, and talks about the affects it has had on her life and health.

♥ Charlotte talked about Plus Sized Wars from her perspective as a plus size fashion student, and followed it up with a second post that's also well worth a read.

♥ Becky, aka Mrs Bebe, shared her Plus Size Position.

♥ #WeAreTheThey by Em's Trends.

♥ Let's change the conversation: an open letter to Jamelia's ignorance.

♥ I am plus size and I'm not ashamed.

♥ Fat and fabulous despite what people think and say.

♥ Body confidence: it's okay to be shaky.

♥ Becky Brown asked ten plus sized bloggers what body confidence means to them, and compiled their answers in one interesting and inspiring post!

♥ I adore these 13 pieces of body positive artwork.

♥ 7 photos that prove women of all sizes look hot in bikinis.

♥ 14 women reveal why they wear make up.

♥ Fashion doesn't just let me express myself; it makes me feel powerful.

Other Awesome Blog Posts

♥ Harlow, Renee, and Kayla look stunning amongst the roses.

♥ Sammi's Friday Favourites is full of gorgeous clothes and accessories this week

♥ Trees' Easter weekend looked like so much fun!

♥ Becky (lots of Becky's this week!) from Milk Bubble Tea shared her 10 basic blogger photography tips.


♥ 20 badass women who destroyed stereotypes and inspired future generations.

♥ 20 provocative images highlighting the fights women face.

♥ 24 incredible historical moments in photographs.


♥ Spring has sprung and it's suicide weather.

♥ I found the 16 things people in chronic pain want you to know completely spot on. If you know somebody who's living with chronic pain, please pop over and give it a read. It might just help you to understand what they're going through every day.

Animals and Nature

♥ 22 albino animals because albino animals fascinate me, for some reason.

♥ These 30 mischievous bunnies getting up to mischief made me laugh... and also made me wonder why their owners are so ignorant.

♥ A little girl born without feet, and a German shepherd pup missing a paw have become inseparable friends.

♥ This video of a face off between a dachshund and a crab is oddly entertaining.

♥ Have you heard about the veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow- and then bragged about it? I'm absolutely horrified. The woman has since been sacked, but whether she will lose her license and be charged with animal cruelty doesn't appear to have been decided yet.. In my opinion, it shouldn't need to be questioned; anybody who causes pain and suffering to an animal, who kills an innocent animal for fun, should be punished harshly. I doubt she will be.

♥ The last male northern white rhino must now be kept under armed guard 24/7. There are only five northern white rhinos left on the planet. Five. Poached to the brink of extinction for a little bit of ivory. How can anybody value a piece of ivory- a body part- over the life of a living thing?

♥ George, the Ginger feline, likes to walk around on two legs!

♥ While this cute kitty looks after sick animals at an animal shelter.

♥ I want this teeny tiny bearded dragon!

♥ 13 beautiful fields of flowers around the world.

and, let's end on a light-hearted one...

♥ The 31 most sarcastic things that ever happened. You can't go wrong with a bit of sarcasm.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Some great links there, this week has been fab for boosting confidence!

    1. Thank you! It's been a brilliant week for body confidence, hasn't it. So inspiring! xx

  2. Thanks for the mention Louise, and lots of other lovely body posi links to read. xx

    1. You're very welcome, Leah! xx

  3. Thanks for including me in your links lovely!! As far as I am aware, plus size wars didn't screen in NZ - but last weekend I read an article online written about it, by a doctor. Today there was an article in response to the doctors comments - I thought you would appreciate it xox

    1. You're very welcome, lovely! I think it was just on TV in Britain, but you might be able to find it online somewhere. Maybe on Youtube? It was so inspiring and the most positive documentary I've ever seen about plus size people and fashion. Thanks for sharing the link. I've bookmarked it and will definitely give it a read later. xx

  4. I have been loving all the wearethethey post! Xx

    1. Me, too. It's been so inspiring, and amazing to see so many people owning who they are! xx


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