Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sunday Favourites #115

Welcome to my first Sunday Favourites post of 2015! I hope you enjoy it...

I'm in love with this adorable turtle tattoo from Sasha U.

This photo is so beautiful.

It's not often you hear me say this about insects, but these jade mantises are so cute. 

Next time I buy balloons for someone's birthday, I'm filling them with confetti!

I would never have thought of adding edible glitter to ice cubes to put in cocktails, but I really want to now!

I love this manicure!

Plus size model Becky looks amazing in this photo. I love her outfit, hair, and tattoos.

I just discovered an account on Instagram dedicated to this beautiful little bunny called Pui, who likes to dress up every day! I'm not usually a fan of animals being dressed up in clothes, but oh, my heart has melted over the photos of him in a flat cap!

I love her hair, make up, and manicure!

I don't care if these desk displays are aimed at kids; both set ups are gorgeous.

This hand-painted mountain mural is stunning.

Beautiful use of colour.

This fabric is perfect.

I love this colour palette of greys and pinks.

Well, I'm going to do my best, anyway!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ I want one of everything in Sammi's latest Friday Favourites post; so many pretty things to be seen!

♥ Char's photos of the Grand Canyon are absolutely stunning.

♥ I enjoyed looking back at Rachel's and Vicky's best outfits of 2014; both ladies wore some killer outfits last year!

♥ I love what Olivia wore in her latest outfit post; she looked amazing in her Missguided co-ord set.

♥ Bianca created the most amazing 'year in review' print out for her family, sharing the best bits of their 2014. Such a lovely way to document the end of another year.

♥ Becky blogged an epic directory of links to blog posts filled with tips for everything you could possibly wish to know about blogging.

♥ I loved looking back on Kaylah's 10 favourite abandoned spots of 2014; her posts are always so fascinating.

♥ Chastity asks for more representation of plus size fashion and plus size women in mainstream magazines.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!



  1. AHHHHHHHHHH more beauty Louise! The mountain mural is a spectacular idea!

  2. That bunny is killing me - I love that little Sherlock Holmes outfit!

  3. I adore the blue lip it looks amazing and the bunny is so cute! Thank you for the link too lovely xx


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