Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Favourites #108

Hey guys,

How's your weekend been, so far? I hope it's been a good one. 

I've been out of action for the last few days. I had my first physio appointment with a new physiotherapist last Wednesday. and f#ck me he's brutal! The pain was so bad on Thursday and Friday, I couldn't even sit up in bed or get to the bathroom unaided. It eased a bit yesterday and my mobility was a little better, but then I made the mistake of getting out of the house for a bit, and just made it worse again. Oops. One of these days I'll learn to stop when my body tells me I should. Maybe.

Anyway, the good news is I managed to put this week's Sunday favourites together last night, so grab a cuppa, put those feet up, and enjoy!

These GIFs are so pretty. I could look at them all day.

These biscuits are so cute.

Isn't this photo of Paris beautiful?

I love Kaylah's new hair colours.

This "unicorn" cheesecake is all kinds of awesome!


I love these photos.

This photo is so eerily beautiful.

I'm doing my best to remember that.

I never get tired of looking at photos of the Northern Lights; they're mesmerising.

A Russian lady has decorated her home in bold artistic patterns using 30,000 bottle caps!


These koalas are too cute!


I'm in love with Thamarr's pretty pastel outfit. It's one of the best outfits I've seen in ages!


And I love this tattoo from Sasha Unisex.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Chastity of Garner Style shared her tips for dressing well in casual clothes. It's one of the areas I often struggle with; I find dressing up a piece of cake, but I always feel frumpy when I try to dress down.

♥ I love how Kaelah has decorated her Christmas tree for the Dream Tree Challenge. Her tree decorating tips are well worth a read, too.

♥ Mandy wrote about 5 make up mistakes most girls make. I'm sure we've all made a few over the years!

♥ These pictures may look like photographs, but they're actually paintings! It's hard to believe people can actually make their paintings look so life-like. I'm definitely not one of them! Haha!

♥ A Venezuelan shop is displaying mannequins of pregnant schoolgirls in their shop windows... dressed in school uniforms aimed at the under 15s... there are no words.

And a whole bunch of fun posts you might enjoy...

♥ 22 unusual animals you may not know existed. How cute is the Irrawaddy dolphin?!

♥ I love this post full of great infographics describing 25 things to do when you're feeling down. I think most of us could do with this post at some stage.

♥ 25 weird facts that might sound fake but are actually true.

♥ These 29 places in America are all breath-taking and I want need to visit them before I die!

♥ 38 couples who actually nailed their winter weddings. I guess I was in a soppy mood because I thought this post was lovely.

♥ 44 lazy girl beauty hacks to try right now. I've never thought about lining my eyelash curler with eyeliner to line and curl in one go; I wonder if it actually works...

Thanks for reading!



  1. So much loveliness!! Thamarr's outfit is beautiful! I wish the Northern lights had been that beautiful when i saw them, they were very mild. The fox is adorable! X

  2. Awww, the baby koala's teeth nubbins! What a cutie. :) Those winter wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous. xx

  3. Aww amazing pictures and gifs!! =D
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  4. The 22 unusual animals has some seriously cute animals in it! Xx

  5. I love that ladies pastel outfit - especially her cute cupcake tee shirt! Koalas are super cute too xoxo


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