Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wednesday Wish List

Hi guys,

Who's ready for this week's Wednesday Wish List?

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Let's start with a few Lindy Bop dresses. I've become a little obsessed with their Audrey frocks, and a few new styles have caught my eye this week. The turquoise polka dot Audrey is especially stunning- I must make it mine!

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I've been lusting after Domino Dollhouses's beautiful meringue petticoats for years now, and I've been back for another gawp. I love the mint green for Spring / Summer, and the emerald and burgundy would be perfect for Autumn.

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ASOS Curve have some gorgeous new clothes this week. I'm crazy about the woodland print t-shirt; it has badgers, foxes, owls, and squirrels on it! It will make it's way in to my hands, even if I just wear it to bed. The rainbow tee is also really cute. The tapestry dress is absolutely beautiful and I adore the tartan tee and matching leggings.

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The Autumnal pieces have already arrived at Dorothy Perkins, which seems crazy when we've been basking in a heatwave for the past two weeks! I love the two sweetheart dresses, but especially the red and navy floral print one. I have three dresses in this style already, and they're fantastic little frocks for casual everyday wear. 

One thing that's missing from my wardrobe is a leather or leather-look biker jacket, and each A/W I always covet DP biker jackets from afar. It seems this year is no different. I love the style of the collarless quilted jacket above.

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I'm not usually the biggest fan of Disney themed nightwear, but these Bambi PJs from Dorothy Perkins are so cute!

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I've found a bunch of amazing novelty bags and purses this week, through ASOS, Domino Dollhouse, Aldo, and an Etsy site called Titina Store. My favourites are the studded cat ears bag from ASOS, the milk carton bag from Domino Dollhouse, and the sea shell bag from Titina Store, but they're all lust-worthy.
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Lindy Bop have some beautiful retro heels from Ruby Shoo online at the moment. The red and green 'Sara' heels are my favourite.

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The pastel petal stone jewellery set from Dorothy Perkins is so pretty and would be perfect for a final pastel fix before Autumn comes around. I also love the key and faux pearl necklace from ASOS Curve. Keys and pearls are two of my favourite things.

These are just some of the lovely things I have my eye on this week. If you'd like to see more of what I'm coveting, check out my Pinterest boards!

What's on your wish list this week?

Which of these are your favourites?



  1. Oh I love the milk carton bag even though I KNOW it's too small to be a lot of use!

  2. The Got Milk bag is just perfection! xx

  3. Ooooh get a petticoat! you can get them on Amazon for around a tenner, they are a lot plainer but still give pouff - I am being very bossy, apologies! ........get a petticoat heheheh! x x x

  4. I've been seeing a lot of Lindy Bob dresses lately online and they all look so amazing - also I need a milk carton shaped purse :)

  5. All of the bags are amazing!! Xx


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