Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wednesday Wish List

Hi guys!

I hope you're all having a great week so far.

Today is my twenty-ninth birthday (I know, I'm getting old!) and as it has fallen on wish list day, I've put together a birthday wish list for this week's post. This isn't a list of everything I hope or expect to receive for my birthday; I'm not that much of a spoilt brat! It features a few pieces I've received for my birthday, and the rest are things I'm coveting most at the moment. I've been lucky enough to receive a little birthday money and I'm trying to decide which of these things to spend the money on. I can't decide whether to buy a new dress, buy a couple of the smaller items, or put the money aside and save up for a Kindle Fire. Decisions, decisions! Of course, I might also treat myself to a thing or two this week, just because it's my birthday. It would be rude not to!

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My parents bought me the Nokia Lumia 520, because I've not had a properly functioning phone for a couple of years, and I found a good deal. I should now be able to Instagram on the go, and share better quality photos than the ones I take from my old iPod! My younger sister has bought me the cobalt blue scalloped satchel from ASOS, and my older sister got me the 13'' polka dot Zatchels satchel during their flash sale; it was on offer for £33 down from £110!! A complete steal! Neither of the bags are here yet, but I can't wait to get them. I haven't got bags in either colour in my wardrobe, so they'll fill a couple of gaps and help me mix things up a little!

There are a couple more bags I have my eye on, but I probably won't buy them just yet as I have more bags than any girl possibly needs and I think my collection's getting a bit excessive. There are also several dresses I've been lusting after for months that I'd love to buy- some of them are on sale- but I still can't decide on my favourite of the six. They're all gorgeous. And no, a girl can never have too many dresses!

There are a few beauty products on my wish list, a couple of books, The Book Thief DVD, and a Kindle Fire HD- although that one's a bit ambitious and isn't likely to be bought any time soon. I've got the basic Kindle e-reader which I love to read from with a capital L, but I have been considering saving up for the Kindle Fire tablet for some time. I think it would be ideal for blogging, other online stuff, and using on the go. Not that I'm on the go all that much right now. but one day I will be!

Moving on from my birthday wish list, I've also fallen in love with a few new dresses this week...

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I'm head over heels in love with these two beautiful tie sleeve Lucy day shirt dresses from Le Bomb Shop. Amelia and June of Junebugs and Georgia Peaches reviewed these dresses on their blog earlier this week, and although I'd never heard of the brand before, the love for these dresses was instantaneous- probably because Amelia and June both looked stunning in them! Seriously, go check out their review. The dresses come in sizes S up to a 3X, and are very affordable at $42, which is about £25. I'm not sure how much postage or custom charges might be, but I'm seriously considering ordering one. Or both.

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In true Louise fashion, I also have a couple of Dorothy Perkins dresses on my wish list this week. I particularly love the lilac floral skater dress, which has the prettiest floral fabric. It would be perfect for a summer wedding or a day at the races. The khaki tropical skater dress is another beauty, and I could see myself wearing it in the sunshine with a cute pair of sandals, and a hair scarf or big floral crown.

If you'd like to see more of the pieces that catch my eye every week, why not follow me on Pinterest? There are several boards I pin my style lusts to as I stumble up on them; Style Wish List, Bags and Purses, Shoe Love, Fashion Accessories, Lingerie, Sleepwear, and Beauty.

What's on your wish list this week?



  1. Happy Birthday lovely. Gorgeous picks as always :) xx

  2. Happy Birthday!! I loved The Book Thief film when I saw it. I remember the book when I was younger but thought that the film was better, which doesn't usually happen!
    Also really like the polka dot satchel but I did buy a satchel last weekend, so I don't need another. Have you done the DP selfie competition - apparently you can win a year's supply of dresses!

  3. Happy birthday for yesterday lovely :) I hope you had an amazing day xx

  4. Lovely picks, I especially love the watermelon bag. Happy Birthday for yesterday, Hope you had a great day xx

  5. Happy Birthday Louise!! 29? you're not getting old! I hope you had a wonderful day, great selection here and I'm looking forward to you showing us your birthday treats x x x


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