Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday Favourites #92

Hi guys!

I'm back, as promised, with this week's Sunday favourites post "Serendipity Sunday".

This tattoo is so beautiful.

I love this shade of purple as a hair colour.

These Spring Brush Embroidery Cookies are so pretty.

From now on, this is how all small presents need to be presented!

I want to make this DIY gemstone garland.

I love this strawberry nail art tutorial.

These DIY fruit macarons look amazing!

This watermelon manicure is gorgeous.

I love Sara's entire rainbow-coloured fruits ensemble. Her shoes are to die for!

Kate turned her MRI scans in to artwork, and I now wish I had copies of my scans so I could do the same!

I love this quote. Remember to live in the moment and not just through your phone!

These tights have NARWHALS on them!! Narwhals!! Best. Tights. Ever. (But no source).

Hands up, who collected Puppy in My Pockets in the nineties? I was obsessed with them! I had hundreds of those little puppies! If you who don't remember, they were little puppy figurines made from plastic and they came in almost every dog breed, each with its own name. There were Kitty in My Pockets, too, but I didn't have so many of those.

I love these ladies' tattoos. There hair and make up are pretty awesome, too.

Sasha's honey bee heart tattoo design is amazing.

This is adorable.

The latest craze for bearded hipsters is sharing selfies of their beards decorated in pretty flowers on Instagram. There are some magnificently decorated beards in the mix (click through to see more of them). The guy with the long hair is so pretty!

This photo is so beautiful.

These next three photos are a little creepy...

In Paris' Catacombs, there are generations of Parisians stored in sub-terrainian quarries, which were designed as a solution to the over-crowding of their cemeteries in the 18th century.

In the Czech Republic there's a small 14th chapel beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec called Sedlec Ossurary which is decorated with 40,000 human remains from the 18th century!

And in Poland's Skull Chapel, Kaplica Czaszek, in Czermna, some 3,000 human bodies and a further 20,000 bone fragments lie below the chapel in a crypt.

I can't help looking at those last three photos thinking 'those "decorations" used to be people'. 

And after the last three creepy photos, I thought I'd better end the photos with a cute one. Here, have all the pandas!

And Some Other Things You Might Enjoy...

 The Militant Baker wrote an enlightening post on depression entitled Your Depression is NOT Your Fault.

 Kaylah's office space is so fascinating. She has the most interesting things. 

 I loved reading the 5 things you should never say to a fat girl by Betty Pamper. 

 The Temporary Secretary shared her best photo editing apps for Instagram.

 I love this cute floral crown DIY from

 The 10 inspiring Cancer-survivor transformations is such an inspiring post.

 10 cats that got famous for their awesome fur markings. The cat with the eyebrows is adorable!

 I loved reading these 11 amazing thank you notes from famous people

 20 things everyone should know how to do by the time they're 25. I've nailed most of them by now, but I doubt I'll ever be able to ask for a raise without feeling like a cheeky cow!

 The 25 things you DON'T need to do before you die  is one of the best lists on the net. If you click just one of these links today, make it this one. Everybody should read this list!

 26 problems only anxious people will understand. I can relate to a few of them.

 41 things no British child can ever forget from Primary school. Sitting on the benches in class six during assembly... paper-clipping lined paper under plain paper to write in straight lines... and the teacher who told us the story of a kid who died from leaning back on their chair... Yep, all accurate!

♥ The 50 cutest things that happened this year is well worth a look if you love cute animals and / or babies.

 We all know magazines are notorious for air-brushing celebrities and models, but I was still shocked by the lengths one magazine went to photoshop Mariah Carey. This is what Mariah Carey looks like before and after photoshop.

 The poor little squirrel that got stuck in a man-hole cover. How did it still look happy with it's head trapped in a hole??

and finally,

 What I would tell my eighteen year old self makes for an interesting read.

Have a great day!



  1. My favourite way to start a Sunday morning xx

  2. They haven't any at the moment but the Narwhal leggings are from Carouselink on Etsy :)

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  4. Hi there :)
    Followed the links thru and it looks like you can get those Narwhale tights at this etsy shop

    The pale blue tights in particular-


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