Thursday, 31 July 2014

100 Little Things I Love

Today, I've stepped aside from the fashion and beauty posts to bring you a simple favourites list. I'm all too aware that writing a style and beauty blog can seem like a very materialistic pastime, and while I love collecting pretty dresses and colourful eyeshadows, my life does not just revolve around money and possessions. I love so many other things in life; so many of life's little joys that are completely free or cost very little to enjoy. Of course, there are still a few materialistic favourites in the mix, but here is a list of one hundred of my favourite little things in life.

 photo 100thingsilove1_zps70d307b6.jpg

1. The excitement of waking up on the day of a concert.
2. The adrenaline rush of excitement when seeing a favourite band perform live.
3. Having a moment of interaction with a band member, if only just for a second.
4. Going to see Boyzone or Ronan Keating with my best friend and always having so much fun together, getting up to no good!
5. Going to see a musical at the theatre. (My fave is Phantom of the Opera).
6. Visiting the seaside town of Perranporth in Cornwall, one of my favourite places in the world.
7. The sound of seagulls at the seaside.
8. The sound of the sea, especially when heard from bed while on holiday.
9. Standing in the surf and feeling the pull of the tides around my feet as the waves progress and recede from the shore.
10. Body-boarding in the sea on a hot summer's day.

11. Going for a walk on the beach.
12. The taste of salt water on my lips after a swim in the sea.
13. Feeling the sun on my skin.
14. Pretty sunsets / sunrises.
15. Looking up at the stars, especially during meteor showers.
16. The sound of trees dancing in the wind.
17. The howl of the wind during a storm.
18. When the leaves changes colour in Autumn, and everywhere is transformed in to a backdrop of gold, yellow, rust, red, orange, and burnt sienna.
19. Crunching through Autumn leaves.
20. Watching the snow falling from the sky.

21. Taking walks in the snow.
22. Feeling the cold on my face during the Winter when I'm wrapped up in cosy layers.
23. Warm towels straight out of the dryer- especially on a cold day.
24. Crunching over grass after a heavy frost.
25. The coziness of a thick fog, when I'm at home.
26. Thunderstorms, when I'm safely indoors.
27. When blossom starts appearing on the trees in the Spring time.
28. When the leaves return to the trees after a long winter.
29. The smell of freshly cut grass.
30. Hearing owls hooting outside my bedroom window every night.

31. The sound of rain drumming against the windows and roof.
32. Going for a walk in the rain without an umbrella, then returning home to a hot bath or shower.
33. The smell of tarmac after a rain storm.
34. Curling up under a blanket with a good book when it's raining.
35. The blissfulness of spending an entire day reading a good book.
36. The smell of old books.
37. Yellow flowers- especially sunflowers, tulips, and roses.
38. When the mornings and evenings get brighter / longer after a long winter.
39. Baking bread and kneading the dough.
40. The smell of cakes and other sweet treats baking in the oven.

41. Receiving hand-written letters in the post.
42. Receiving a parcel... even if it's just something I bought for myself.
43. When strangers say 'hello' as we pass in the street.
44. Receiving compliments from strangers.
45. Giving compliments to someone and making them smile.
46. The first gulp of a cold drink when I've been thirsty for hours.
47. Cold showers on hot days.
48. Driving around with the windows down on a hot summer's day.
49. Blasting good tunes out when the sun is shining.
50. Turning my favourite songs up loud.

51. The relief that comes from taking off the bra after a long day. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about!
52. The affection from a pet who is so happy to see you.
53. The excitement of waking up on Christmas Eve and preparing for Christmas Day... the lead up is my favourite part!
54. Driving around to see Christmas lights in December.
55. The smell of real Christmas trees and foliage.
56. The smell of lit Jack O' lanterns on Halloween.
57. The nostalgia I get from wearing my favourite Escada perfume, which immediately takes me back to NYC.
58. Remembering a great memory, and breaking out in a smile I can't contain.
59. Wearing a new dress for the first time and feeling fabulous!
60. When I find the dress / top / skirt I've been coveting for ages, and it's the last one and in my size! Fate!

61. Discovering a new novelty print on a fantastic dress.
62. Discovering a new novelty bag.
63. Wearing green eyeshadow and feeling complete.
64. Painting my nails in beautiful bold colours.
65. The smooth feeling of freshly shaved legs... mine, of course! I don't go around stroking people's legs!
66. Watching Julie and Julia *contended sigh*.
67. Watching Steel Magnolias for the 1000th time. Utter contentment.
68. Memories of my fur babies, even though they're up in critter heaven.
69. Bunny noses.
70. Spending a day at the zoo.

71. Visits from my best friend.
72. Lovely messages from friends.
73. When somebody messages me to say "this made me think of you."
74. Going out for a meal or a few drinks with family and friends.
75. Men who open doors for you.
76. Laughing with my sisters until my sides hurt.
77. Movie nights at the sister's.
78. Dramatically singing along to great (or bad!) tunes, especially musicals, in the car with my sister.
79. Travelling by train or plane to go somewhere fun, and spending hours daydreaming out of the window with good tunes on my iPod. It always feels like an adventure.
80. Fun day trips out to London, especially on a sunny day.

81. Seeing loved-up old couples holding hands.
82. Seeing rugged tattooed men lovingly cradling tiny babies.
83. Looking through my memory box and remembering a life time of great memories.
84. Waking up naturally without the alarm.
85. Waking up before the alarm and realising I still have a couple of hours to sleep.
86. Buying myself flowers, just 'cause.
87. Irish accents.
88. Lazy days spent watching movies, alone or in good company.
89. When I walk in to a shop and my favourite song comes on.
90. Spending a blissful few hours listening to the back catalogues of Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Panic! at the Disco, Boyzone and / or Ronan Keating.

91. Writing on the first page of a new notebook.
92. Finding time to do some creative writing and actually having the inspiration to write.
93. Citrus scents.
94. Fresh bedding, straight from the dryer.
95. Cuddles from puppies / kittens / bunnies / any affectionate little critter.
96. Taking a walk in the countryside, especially alongside a river.
97. The peacefulness of waking up at dawn and hearing nothing but birdsong.
98. The peacefulness of going for a walk really early in the morning when people are still in bed, and feeling like I've got the world to myself.
99. Perfectly dyed hair after too many weeks/months with my roots showing.
100. Fireworks displays, especially on Bonfire night.

And that is 100 of my favourite little things in life! I could keep listing; I love so many random things. 

When you actually stop to think about it, you can see just how many great things there are in life. They may not all be particularly interesting or news-worthy, but they can bring a smile to my face just the same.

What are your favourite little things in life?

Make sure you link me to your lists if you decide to write your own!


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wednesday Wish List

Hi guys,

Who's ready for this week's Wednesday Wish List?

1 // 2 // 3

Let's start with a few Lindy Bop dresses. I've become a little obsessed with their Audrey frocks, and a few new styles have caught my eye this week. The turquoise polka dot Audrey is especially stunning- I must make it mine!

1 // 2 // 3

I've been lusting after Domino Dollhouses's beautiful meringue petticoats for years now, and I've been back for another gawp. I love the mint green for Spring / Summer, and the emerald and burgundy would be perfect for Autumn.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

ASOS Curve have some gorgeous new clothes this week. I'm crazy about the woodland print t-shirt; it has badgers, foxes, owls, and squirrels on it! It will make it's way in to my hands, even if I just wear it to bed. The rainbow tee is also really cute. The tapestry dress is absolutely beautiful and I adore the tartan tee and matching leggings.

1 // 2 // 3

The Autumnal pieces have already arrived at Dorothy Perkins, which seems crazy when we've been basking in a heatwave for the past two weeks! I love the two sweetheart dresses, but especially the red and navy floral print one. I have three dresses in this style already, and they're fantastic little frocks for casual everyday wear. 

One thing that's missing from my wardrobe is a leather or leather-look biker jacket, and each A/W I always covet DP biker jackets from afar. It seems this year is no different. I love the style of the collarless quilted jacket above.

1 // 2

I'm not usually the biggest fan of Disney themed nightwear, but these Bambi PJs from Dorothy Perkins are so cute!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

I've found a bunch of amazing novelty bags and purses this week, through ASOS, Domino Dollhouse, Aldo, and an Etsy site called Titina Store. My favourites are the studded cat ears bag from ASOS, the milk carton bag from Domino Dollhouse, and the sea shell bag from Titina Store, but they're all lust-worthy.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Lindy Bop have some beautiful retro heels from Ruby Shoo online at the moment. The red and green 'Sara' heels are my favourite.

1 // 2

The pastel petal stone jewellery set from Dorothy Perkins is so pretty and would be perfect for a final pastel fix before Autumn comes around. I also love the key and faux pearl necklace from ASOS Curve. Keys and pearls are two of my favourite things.

These are just some of the lovely things I have my eye on this week. If you'd like to see more of what I'm coveting, check out my Pinterest boards!

What's on your wish list this week?

Which of these are your favourites?


Monday, 28 July 2014

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Conditioner Review

I enjoy reviewing beauty products from time to time and I want to start sharing more of my favourite products with you guys. I don't know why I haven't been talking more about my established favourites, but I plan to start rectifying that. 

Today, I'm going to start with a review of Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance, which is a light, leave in conditioner spray which I have been using religiously for more than a decade, and first discovered at the age of twelve. 

Miracle Hair Insurance is infused with Australian jojoba seed oil, which is designed to detangle the hair and protect it from everyday wear-and-tear, and as it says on the bottle, it's "a saviour for weak, distressed hair." 

This is one product that actually lives up to what it promises.

I don't have weak or distressed hair, but this conditioner spray has always helped to keep my hair in good condition. For most of the years I've been using the product, I've had very long hair (obviously, not now!), which needed to be looked after to keep it looking healthy, as long hair usually does. I've never had to splash out on expensive magical elixirs to get the results my hair needs; a simple leave in conditioner has always been all I've needed, no matter the length of my hair! (Seriously! All I do with my hair is shampoo and condition it, and spray this fantastic leave in conditioner in to my hair after a shower or a swim)! 

I actually remember using a Salon Selectives leave in conditioner when I was a tween, but it was later discontinued, and on my hunt for a replacement, I discovered Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance. I was about twelve when I started using it, and I haven't looked back in seventeen years!

Why, you ask? Well, the conditioner is perfect for so many situations, and it works wonders on my hair. Here's why I love it so much:

♥ The conditioner keeps my hair looking strong, shiny, and healthy, and helps to revive it when it's not looking its best. 

♥ It detangles my hair and makes brushing any tangles out a breeze.

♥ It's ideal for spraying in to wet hair after a swim in the sea or pool, as it instantly hydrates the hair and protects it after it's been exposed to salt water and pool chemicals, while making it easy to run a brush through your hair when it's become knotted from your swim. (Have you tried brushing long hair after a swim in the sea? It's a nightmare)! I never go to the beach or pool without it! 

It's useful if you've over-slept, can't be bothered to condition your hair in the shower, or find it difficult to shower for long due to illness or injury. Just shampoo your hair in the shower, and then spray the Miracle Hair Insurance in once you're out of the water! It's been invaluable for me with my back injuries since I struggle to stand up long enough to wash my hair, and it means I can skip a step if I'm not feeling great. It's also come to the rescue so many times when I've been running late for work. 

It's basically a miracle spray, and it really does deserve the name!

It's a light spray, with a consistency just a little thicker than water, and all you need to do is spray it in to wet hair, and brush through to make sure it gets to every lock. You can then blow dry your hair or let it dry naturally, and wait for it to work its magic! Simple as that! You can also use it on dry hair, although in all the years I've been using it, I've never tried it on anything but wet hair.

It really is that easy to use, and it only takes ten seconds of your time, so no commitment is needed to fit it in to your hair care routine. It's great for busy and lazy girls alike!

The good news is, it's a purse-friendly conditioner spray, generally retailing somewhere between £4.50- £5.00 for a 250ml bottle, but you often find Aussie products on 3 for £10 offers in most supermarkets in the UK, or on 3 for 2 at Boots and Superdrug etc. I usually get a couple of months use out of one bottle, so it's fairly priced.

I personally think it's more than worth it's price tag, and I would happily buy it if it cost £4.50 or £15.00. I couldn't live without it! If I was stranded on a desert island, it's the one product I would hope to be stranded with.

Aussie also have several other conditioner sprays in the range, designed for a variety of hair types and needs, although the Miracle Hair Insurance has always been my favourite because the scent is so fresh and pleasant, without being over-baring. I love the Miracle Recharge Shine and have used the Long Luscious Hair and Miracle Recharge Colour sprays before, which all work equally brilliantly, but I always return to this one because it's my particular favourite.

It can't be bad if I've been using it for seventeen years, right?

Have you used Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance yet? Do you use any of the other conditioner sprays in the collection?


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday Favourites #92

Hi guys!

I'm back, as promised, with this week's Sunday favourites post "Serendipity Sunday".

This tattoo is so beautiful.

I love this shade of purple as a hair colour.

These Spring Brush Embroidery Cookies are so pretty.

From now on, this is how all small presents need to be presented!

I want to make this DIY gemstone garland.

I love this strawberry nail art tutorial.

These DIY fruit macarons look amazing!

This watermelon manicure is gorgeous.

I love Sara's entire rainbow-coloured fruits ensemble. Her shoes are to die for!

Kate turned her MRI scans in to artwork, and I now wish I had copies of my scans so I could do the same!

I love this quote. Remember to live in the moment and not just through your phone!

These tights have NARWHALS on them!! Narwhals!! Best. Tights. Ever. (But no source).

Hands up, who collected Puppy in My Pockets in the nineties? I was obsessed with them! I had hundreds of those little puppies! If you who don't remember, they were little puppy figurines made from plastic and they came in almost every dog breed, each with its own name. There were Kitty in My Pockets, too, but I didn't have so many of those.

I love these ladies' tattoos. There hair and make up are pretty awesome, too.

Sasha's honey bee heart tattoo design is amazing.

This is adorable.

The latest craze for bearded hipsters is sharing selfies of their beards decorated in pretty flowers on Instagram. There are some magnificently decorated beards in the mix (click through to see more of them). The guy with the long hair is so pretty!

This photo is so beautiful.

These next three photos are a little creepy...

In Paris' Catacombs, there are generations of Parisians stored in sub-terrainian quarries, which were designed as a solution to the over-crowding of their cemeteries in the 18th century.

In the Czech Republic there's a small 14th chapel beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec called Sedlec Ossurary which is decorated with 40,000 human remains from the 18th century!

And in Poland's Skull Chapel, Kaplica Czaszek, in Czermna, some 3,000 human bodies and a further 20,000 bone fragments lie below the chapel in a crypt.

I can't help looking at those last three photos thinking 'those "decorations" used to be people'. 

And after the last three creepy photos, I thought I'd better end the photos with a cute one. Here, have all the pandas!

And Some Other Things You Might Enjoy...

 The Militant Baker wrote an enlightening post on depression entitled Your Depression is NOT Your Fault.

 Kaylah's office space is so fascinating. She has the most interesting things. 

 I loved reading the 5 things you should never say to a fat girl by Betty Pamper. 

 The Temporary Secretary shared her best photo editing apps for Instagram.

 I love this cute floral crown DIY from

 The 10 inspiring Cancer-survivor transformations is such an inspiring post.

 10 cats that got famous for their awesome fur markings. The cat with the eyebrows is adorable!

 I loved reading these 11 amazing thank you notes from famous people

 20 things everyone should know how to do by the time they're 25. I've nailed most of them by now, but I doubt I'll ever be able to ask for a raise without feeling like a cheeky cow!

 The 25 things you DON'T need to do before you die  is one of the best lists on the net. If you click just one of these links today, make it this one. Everybody should read this list!

 26 problems only anxious people will understand. I can relate to a few of them.

 41 things no British child can ever forget from Primary school. Sitting on the benches in class six during assembly... paper-clipping lined paper under plain paper to write in straight lines... and the teacher who told us the story of a kid who died from leaning back on their chair... Yep, all accurate!

♥ The 50 cutest things that happened this year is well worth a look if you love cute animals and / or babies.

 We all know magazines are notorious for air-brushing celebrities and models, but I was still shocked by the lengths one magazine went to photoshop Mariah Carey. This is what Mariah Carey looks like before and after photoshop.

 The poor little squirrel that got stuck in a man-hole cover. How did it still look happy with it's head trapped in a hole??

and finally,

 What I would tell my eighteen year old self makes for an interesting read.

Have a great day!

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