Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday Favourites #84

Hi guys,

It's that time of the week again. Let's just dive right in...

You might remember that I shared some fashion designs made from flower petals a few weeks ago... well, I discovered some more this week, and I just had to share these, too. Aren't they gorgeous?

This 6 layer chocolate sprinkle cake looks amazing.

I love this summer manicure, and the pattern of her dress is fabulous, too.

Kate shared her DIY shiny wall tutorial. I'd love to rummage through her clothing racks and shoe collection!

Sasha Unisex's has inked the unicorn tattoo!

I stumbled up on an Etsy site selling adorable geometric animal prints and I can't help thinking what amazing tattoos these designs would make! They're not all that dissimilar to Sasha's work.

I also love these two geometric foxes which I found on Google.

I love this little fox tattoo.

This Dutch braid ponytail is gorgeous. I wish I had hair like hers.

This tattoo is beautiful.

An artist from Atlanta called Alex Brewer was hired to create a massive mural on this historic but derelict church in Washington D.C. What a masterpiece! Doesn't it look incredible?!

This little skunk is adorable! I want one!

Teer Wayde looks amazing in this Heart of Haute dress.

Over grown puddy cat! Just look at those eyes. My sister's German Shepherd used to give me the same look when she was chewing on her Frisbee, or had broken something and was feeling guilty!

Ferocious lion, or little tom cat?


These Fennec foxes are soooo cute!

I love these hot air balloon decorations.

These sandcastles are amazing.

Well said, Drew.

Riding a horse across a frozen lake in the Pamir mountains by Matthieu Paley.

[Source] // Photo by Olivier Grunewald.

This volcano in Ethiopia burns blue, due to the sulphur dust contained in the soil. 

I love this magpie tattoo.

This is adorable.

Wise words from Ronan Keating. I completely agree with him.

And I agree with Dita, too.

This GIF might be the cutest thing I've ever seen! Two dogs mimicking a crawling baby!

♥ I was shocked to learn that a Utah high school photoshops female yearbook photos to show less skin.

♥ This post:  "I dearly wish people would view their bodies as they view flowers..." is brilliant.

♥ Leah opened up about spending and addiction.

♥ I love this outfit post from The Soubrette Brunette... Isn't her checked dress stunning?!

♥ Here are 20 heart warming random acts of kindness to warm your heart this Sunday.

♥ 17 adorable baby skunks to cheer up your day. You're welcome!

♥ If you like cats you'll love these 30 big cats caught being adorable

♥ An ode to the Fennec fox. 18 photos of the cutest foxes you've ever seen.

♥ 10 things you should say to someone with a chronic illness and 15 things you shouldn't.

♥ These predictions of what 2011 would be like from a 1911 newspaper are both hilarious and shockingly spot on.

♥ 21 people who immediately learned their lesson. I cried with laughter at all these GIFs.

♥ Mrs Doubtfire is actually the most horrifying movie of all time. This post is brilliant!

♥ 28 of the wisest lessons Gene Belcher has ever taught the world. If you're a Bob's Burgers fan you'll love this post!

♥ 37 things you'll regret when you're old. So true!

♥ And finally, I'll leave you with this recipe for a delicious-sounding Coconut Nutella Fudge Cake. Yum!

Have a great day!



  1. Those petal designs looks amazing!! x

    1. I think they're so pretty! Such a fantastic idea for fashion designs! xx

  2. These will always be my favourite posts of the week, the baby skunk is the cutest I want to snuggle him xx

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Rachel! You've made my day. :D I want to cuddle a pet skunk, too! xx

  3. Thank you for linking to me. I love these posts so much. The one with the Skittles really touched me, Maybe I should put some in with my antiD's. :) x x

    1. You're welcome; it's a great post and one I think so many of us can relate to. (I sure can). Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them. The skittles thing made me well up, such a sweet thing to do. Maybe GPs should start prescribing skittles to take along with the meds? Haha. xx

  4. When I was looking the the geometric bird prints I thought that the first one looked like a Kereru (NZ wood pigeon) and then I saw the name of the artist was "tiny kiwi" I guess it MUST be a Kereru! I love the picture of the wee crawling baby and the huskies!

    1. You've got a good eye! I love that the brand is called Tiny Kiwi- so cute! I really like the kiwi print, too. Oh, I know! The husky / baby GIF is the cutest thing I've seen in ages. xx

  5. I love to come back to your posts! I didn't comment on Sunday (actually and last Sunday too, apologies, I was knackered and I don't like leaving a crappy comment!) but they are always the start and end to my Sunday - the crawling dogs! oh my days, is that the sweetest thing! and regrets! I made a pact with myself at 17 to not stay in any job/situation/life I was unhappy in (I stayed fairly true to this and based decisions on it too) I had a moment of clarity where I pictured myself being older and thinking about regrets (bizarre, I know) and women's rights! I honestly and genuinely thought we would be further on by now, I feel at times we are going backwards instead of forwards x x x


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