Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hearts and Polka Dots

I've been meaning to blog about this outfit for a couple of weeks, after snapping the photos in the garden one sunny afternoon, but as I wasn't happy with any of the photos, I've been hesitant about sharing them. 

I can see too many flaws in my photos from the shadows on my face to one strap of the dress that had unknowingly slipped off my shoulder. The garden's a mess and I also have a wheelie bin in shot because it was the only angle of our one hundred foot long garden which didn't give me over exposed photos (it gets all the sunlight), and I physically couldn't move it out of view. I was going to re-shoot the photos, but I've not made it out of bed in nearly a fortnight now, so sod it, I'm just going to blog them anyway, flaws an' all.

A few weeks ago, I found this cute fit and flare dress when I was window shopping at Dorothy Perkins. I had been on the look out for some dresses that I could bare to wear on scorching hot, muggy summer days, and it was just what I was looking for. A light-weight cotton dress which is breathable and doesn't leave me too flustered and over-heated on hot days. 

It's a navy fit and flare dress with a polka dot and heart print print, a sweetheart neckline, and capped sleeves. It's a little shorter than I usually wear, as I'm not a fan of baring my thighs, but I feel comfortable and confident in this dress with tights or leggings underneath. The length hits me an inch or two above the knee (I'm 5'6''), but if you're much taller it will be quite a short dress, which may be good or bad depending on the skirt length you prefer to wear! The shorter length has actually been a god-send for me on several sweltering hot days already, when I've worn it bare-legged around the house and managed to remain fairly comfortable in the heat.

I purchased this navy heart print polka dot dress along with two others in the same design, including this cherry print dress, and this bow print frock. They are all such pretty dresses, and so inexpensive at just £18 each. I bought them while they were on promotion, and with a discount code, so they were fantastic bargains and well worth the price. The dresses come in sizes 6-22UK, and they have a lot of stretch to the fabric, so your usual size should be fine. 

I paired the dress with a red cardigan, black opaque tights, ruby red ballet pumps, a toadstool brooch, and an owl necklace.

The fabric is a darker navy than my camera captured, and it has a polka dot and heart print all over it. You just can't go wrong with polka dots, and when it's combined with another awesome print it's even better!

I've always loved red and white toadstools, and when I saw this Cath Kidston brooch last Autumn I couldn't resist making a cheeky purchase. It's no longer available online, but it could be worth checking your nearest Cath Kidston shop or outlet shop in case it's still available in store. It's such a cute little brooch.

The owl necklace was a gift from my older sister a couple of years ago. She bought it in Florida on one of her Disney holidays, but I've no idea who it's by or where it's from.

These shoes are always so difficult to photograph; they just don't translate well at all on (digital) film. They're actually dark ruby red in colour and extremely glittery; just like Dorothy's ruby red slippers, but without the heel. I bought them from Evans around seven or eight years ago, because I'd always wanted a pair of ruby red slippers and I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. They're such cute pumps, but after all these years they still severely butcher my feet every time I wear them. Why must pretty shoes hurt the most? I try to only wear them now when there's not much walking involved, or I will end up with bloody blistered feet.

Outfit Details

♥ Dress-Dorothy Perkins
♥ Cardigan-TU at Sainsburys
Tights- Evans
♥ Shoes-Evans
♥ Brooch-Cath Kidston
♥ Necklace-Gift from Florida

What do you wear to keep cool in the summer heat?



  1. You're too hard on yourself! I'd never have noticed any of the stuff you did :) Looking gorgeous xx

  2. There are no flaws in the pictures you look amazing as always Louise :) xx

  3. Oh how annoying about the shoes, though - I'd always thought that shoes got better with the more you wear them :(
    I love the dress and think you did get some fab bargains. I love your mushroom brooch.

  4. I love this outfit you look gorgeous. Don't be so hard on yourself hon I can't see anything wrong with your pics. xx

  5. I didn't notice any of the flaws so I'm so glad you posted the photos. You look fab. x x

  6. I LOVE your outfit! no flaws hon, you look amazing - the dress is gorgeous, hearts and polka dots, could it be anymore perfect! and so cute with the red cardi and toadstool brooch soooo cute and yes! why do our favourite shoes shred our poor innocent feet! x x x

  7. Oh my gosh I love this outfit on you so much! Excellent shoes and this dress looks amazing on you, your figure looks incredible. Love it :) xxx


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