Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Favourites #83

Hey guys,

It's time for my favourite images and links of the week once again. Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, relax, and enjoy!

If I wasn't obsessed with Sasha Unisex's tattoos enough, she's now gone and created this gorgeous unicorn and lotus flower design! 

I can't say I'm a fan of Nicole Richie, but her lavender hair is amazing.

I love this manicure; one hand painted red, and the other orange.

This fox tattoo is stunning! You can see the actual tattoo here.

This lady's make up look is so beautiful.

I love this pineapple manicure. I may have to give it a go!


I'd love to make this retro diner in to my kitchen or dining room...

How cute are these Popsicle cakes?!


These honeycomb gift toppers are so pretty! You can find the tutorial at the source.

Sasha Unisex's sunset tattoo (which I showed you last week) has now been inked. Isn't it stunning?

These photo shows frozen bubbles of flammable methane trapped beneath Alberta's Lake Abraham.

This colourful phenomenon is known as circumhorizontal arcs (or fire rainbows), which is an optical phenomenon featuring an ice halo formed by ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds.

There's a manor house hotel in Nairobi called Giraffe Manor, where giraffes (and warthogs!) roam about the grounds and like to interact with the guests. They even like to pop indoors to say hello! I've always wanted to go here... the only problem is I'd never want to leave!

This adorable monkey is the cutest primate I've ever seen!

I love this old photo!

I discovered a stunning collection of 25 vintage photographs of female firefighters on Buzzfeed, and they're all so fascinating. The pictures were taken between 1916 to 1961, and until now, I wasn't aware women were firefighters so long ago. Such bad-ass, inspiring ladies!

I can relate to this one.

This beautiful photo shows polar stratospheric clouds, also known as nacreous clouds (from nacre, or mother of pearl, due to their iridescence).

This photo of a meteor shooting through the aurora borealis is amazing. Look at all that colour!

The Waiotapu Thermal Reserve in Rotorua, New Zealand.

The migration of Christmas Island's red crabs. 43 million of them migrate to lay their eggs in the ocean. That's a lotta crabs!

This fantastic piece of street art, The Legend of Giants, can be found in Bialystok, Poland.

Did you know that there are guide ponies?! Best. Thing. Ever.

And this GIF is brilliant!

♥ A woman named Amy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012, and for her 56th birthday, her family and friends gathered to surprise her. What happened next is awesome and also made me cry.

♥ I'm inspired by Jana's tutorial for tea cup candles. I've wanted to make some for years!

♥ This video of a school of ten of thousands of modular rays is incredible! They can fly!

♥ I've repinned so many delicious looking recipes this week, I'm just going to link you to my entire Sweet Treats board.

♥ I read a helpful post with back pain and sciatica travel advice, which I think could be invaluable to you if you're inflicted with back pain and / or sciatica like I am.

♥ New York Mom fuming after daughter gets a school letter calling her overweight. Shocking!

♥ Is Instagram banning photos of plus size women?

♥ Fashion Hayley blogged about a new Japanese plus size fashion store called Punyus, and I'm in love with her strawberry print outfit!

♥ This is what happens when the public sees a woman abusing a man. Abuse shouldn't be amusing, no matter the gender of the victim.

♥ This cat as the characters of Bob's Burgers.

♥ When should you throw out your make up? 9 ways to know when cosmetics expire.

♥ I loved the post Wisdom we would share with our 20-year-old selves. I agree with the advice shared, and wish I'd been given it eight or nine years ago before I learnt it all the hard way.

♥ 26 things that will turn your bad day around in an instant.

♥ 29 celebrities who will actually make you feel good about your body. There's some great body positivity quotes from celebrities in this post.

♥ 30 natural phenomena you won't believe actually exist. Okay, I used a few of the images in this post, but the rest of them are worth a look, too.

♥ 72 facts that will teach you a damn thing for once in your life. Have I shared this one before? Yes? No? Either way, I learnt a thing or two from it this week.

and finally,

♥ Boss accidentally forwards a holiday request to the entire company. The reaction is brilliant!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!



  1. Sasha Unisex tattoos sure are phenomenal! Also yah! Rotorua! Today I was looking at some Japanese fashion and wishing it came in my size - I'm off to check out the punyus store now :D

    1. I agree with you there! Her work is incredible. I wish she was based in England so I could get one done by her one day. I hear Punyus caters to straight and plus sizes, so I hope it's the kind of Japanese fashion you like! xx

  2. Omg the giraffe cafe looks amazing I need to go! Xx

    1. It looks like absolute paradise! I love giraffes and I've wanted to go there for years. xx


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