Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunday Favourites #80

Morning guys,

It's time for some of my favourite images and links of the week, and I have some beauties to share with you this week...

I'm in love with this stunning dotted eye make up look from Sandra Holmbom. It must've taken her ages to create!

Kate of Scathingly Brilliant blogged a tour of her bedroom, and it's the prettiest room I've ever seen.

Dream kitchen!

A meadow of pretty flowers.

Beautiful fashion illustrations sketched with real flower petals. (More at the source).

Lovely eye make up and fabulous hair.

Teer Wayde wearing a fabulous mermaid dress!

Sasha Unisex even makes vegetable tattoos look amazing!

Parisian based designer Maud Vantours creates amazing hypnotic patterns and textures from layer up on layer of paper. (More at the source- check them out!)


This seal tattoo is adorable.

Unlikely friends.

These chocolate-dipped ice cream taco sandwiches look amazing!

Isn't this lobster print skirt made by Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons absolutely perfect?!

I'm in love with Erin's rainbow-coloured apartment. 

Keiko's strawberry print nail art tutorial looks so easy, and her photos for it are gorgeous.

Customised Keds. (Tutorials).

This is the cutest!

A real life fox and hound.

What's the worst that can happen?

I love this tutorial for DIY funfetti candles using sprinkles!

Sasha Unisex has designed seal tattoos dressed up for a wedding! Is there anything she can't do?

Douglas the wombat is so cute!

I want a turquoise beach hut on a tropical sandy beach!

This lady looks fabulous. Very Frida!

Tirunamavalai in South India is home to many incredibly colourful, eye-catching buildings, like the one above.

♥ I love Lauren Conrad's tutorial for DIY Pinata Favour Boxes.

♥ One Bunting Away's tutorial for Paper Doilies Garlands would be perfect if you're planning a summer party.

♥ There's something beautiful about the decay of these old abandoned chateaus: Chateau de Singes and Chateau Miranda (part one and part two).

♥ L'hopital dans la Foret, an abandoned sanatorium, is so eerily beautiful. It would've been the perfect setting for Shutter Island. 

♥ If you're enjoying the creepy abandoned buildings, then here's another: the French prison H15 part one and part two.

♥ 20 weird things about America that Americans don't realise are weird.  I was aware of most of these when I visited New York. Pickles really do seem to be served with everything, and the adverts on TV are so different; I saw a musical advert promoting a University! I was scared.



  1. That lady channeling Frida is amazing!

  2. The parrots! I love that pic! I've never seen happy looking parrots! the Frida inspired lady is just gorgeous and what an outfit! and what a cute sprinkles candle, love it all! - and yep, I have been here twice today, I do love my morning Serendipity Sunday with coffee and then later with a glass of wine! x x x


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