Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dressing Table Tour Part 4

Hello there!

I've got the fourth and final part of my dressing table tour for you today. I have to say, I've really enjoyed putting this little mini-series together; it's been fun photographing and talking about some of my favourite trinkets and accessories. 

This last post gives me the chance to feature a few of my prettiest storage suitcases, which I keep next to the dressing table, and although the area is small and insignificant, it happens to be one of my favourite areas of the bedroom. 

This pretty pile of patterned boxes is an extension of my dressing table, used as extra storage for accessories and beauty products which I don't have room for there. I also have a magazine tidy full of fashion magazines and catalogues I need to find time to read. I think that polka dot tidy came from Tesco.

Two of my favourite home accessories are these beautiful floral polka dot suitcases. When I saw them in Next when I was Christmas shopping last Autumn, I just couldn't leave without them. I knew they'd be perfect for my bedroom. 

I was amazed by how inexpensive they were; £16 for the set of two! I've known smaller suitcase sets to retail for £45, and the quality of these are far superior to others I've dealt with. They are actually part of Next's homeware for kids, but I personally think they are better suited to adults. 

They compliment my decor, add a lovely feminine and vintage touch to my room, and are also wonderful storage boxes. I have accessories in mine, but they'd be great for storing photos, mementos, keep-sakes, make up, shoes, stationery... you name it! I love them so much I'm tempted to pick up another set to organise some other possessions. They're available online here, if you want to check them out.

As you can see, the suitcases are quite deep, and can store a generous amount.

In the larger of the two boxes, I keep my collection of winter hats, gloves, and mittens. I only have a couple of hats- (I don't suit them), but I have about a dozen pairs of gloves that I've been collecting over the last decade. I love accessorising with cosy knit gloves during the Winter, and usually find myself succumbing to at least one new pair each year. I never throw out the old ones, so I have a variety to wear depending on my mood and outfit that day.

The smaller suitcase is currently being used to store some of my beauty products to keep the clutter down on my dressing table. I can't just keep them in the bathroom like a normal person, because anything I leave on the side of the bath or in the shower will get used up by my (25 year old) sister when my back is turned. I can't afford to keep her in Aussie shampoo (a treat for me) and Neutrogena face scrubs, too, so it's more cost-effective to squirrel them away.

I love the two patterns on these boxes, and the striped lining is a nice touch.

Underneath those cardboard suitcases, I have this amazing strawberry print Cath Kidston suitcase! 

I adore the thing! My sister and I were browsing the Cath Kidston outlet shop at Bicester Village late last Summer when we saw them on sale for just £15! We both loved the strawberry print, and neither of us could leave without one. It's another piece designed for children, but in my eyes, it was the perfect display-slash-storage-piece. It's a shame about the plastic red handle, but otherwise it's so pretty to look at.

The inside is bright red, which is a fun contrast to the baby blue of the outside. I have thought about lining it with some kind of vintage-style paper or an old map to make it look a little more tasteful, but I'm still undecided.

This suitcase is home to two layers of light-weight scarves and snoods and there's plenty of room left for more. My sister uses hers to store her hair dryer and straighteners.

Cath Kidston unfortunately don't stock this design any more, but there is currently a ballerina print version, which is quite lovely, too.

And that's the end of my dressing table tour!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek in to my home and  if you've made it through to the end, thanks for reading!

If you'd like to catch up on the previous three posts from my dressing table tour, you can do so here: part one, part two, and part three.

Do you like using pretty storage boxes as much as I do?



  1. I do this, too. I never have enough storage space ( I have too much stuff, maybe) so I have a set of stacking fabric storage boxes which I use to keep my wooly hats, scarves and gloves in.

    1. A girl can never have too much stuff! (Says the girl in denial with too much stuff! Haha!). I think lovely storage boxes and baskets are the perfect way to store things, and they look so much nicer than furniture storage!

  2. Aren't they just gorgeous storage boxes! how pretty, and all like neatly packaged presents! I love the floral suitcase, I was desperate for one like that back in the day.....desperate! I ended up with one that had a long strap instead of a handle, it just wasn't the same hehe! x x x

    1. Thank you! I love them! I'd love to be given a present that looked that pretty on the outside! You should go grab yourself a couple and make up for lost time! Aw, no, strap handles just aren't the same, are they?! xx

  3. I use similar boxes to you that I got from the cancer research shop you got 3 in a set for about £10/15. I love the Cath kiddin suitcase it's amazing!!!! Xx

    1. I never find anything good in charity shops here, but that sounds amazing! Suitcases are so handy and they look so pretty, too. Thank you! I love my Cath Kidston suitcase! It was a brilliant find! xx


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