Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wednesday Wish List

Spring has finally made its return after the grey-est Winter I've ever known, and I'm so happy to see all the cheerful bright colours that are beginning to emerge in to the shops and collections. As much as I love the jewel tones during Autumn / Winter, I'm always dying for a change by January, and by Spring I can't wait to start wearing my favourite bright colours and lovely delicate pastels.

This week I've been visually over-dosing on a rainbow of colours, but I think this wish list has ended up with the colour palette of a fruit salad mixed with the sugary sweet colours of the Steel Magnolias set at Easter.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15

I've fallen head over heels in love with the safari print skater dress by ASOS Curve (1). It's covered in penguins, cheetahs, elephants, butterflies, and herons, and I'm dying to get my hands on it! There's no doubt about it; it MUST join my wardrobe zoo!

ASOS Curve's polka dot leggings (9) and sunflower print peg trousers (7) equally need to come live with me.

Earlier in the week, I had a browse of Boden's website, and discovered they cater up to a size 22 UK! I'd always presumed that they only stocked small sizes, and I'm not quite sure why. I was pleasantly surprised! I was amazed by all the colour choices- especially the generous helping of sunshine yellow, and I'm now pretty much coveting one of everything. I love the yellow dress and skirts I've featured in this wish list.

Matalan also have some gorgeous pieces at the moment, and my favourite has to be the pink gingham midi skirt (14); isn't it a beauty? I haven't worn gingham since primary school, but I think it's time I changed that!

I won't be making any purchases for a while, as I spent far too much on my trip to see Fall Out Boy, but it doesn't hurt to dream.

What's on your wish list this week?



  1. The gingham skirt is gorgeous! you have picked a lovely selection here x x x the gingham skirt! I love it! x x x

    1. Isn't it! I think you'd look amazing in it. Go for it! xx

  2. Loving all the polka dots, especially the ASOS leggings. x x

    1. You know you can always count on me for polka dots! There's no such thing as too many in my mind! I LOVE the leggings xx

  3. That mint biker jacket is slaying me; it's so tempting! I've seen a lot of bloggers with that gingham skirt, too. xxx

    1. You need to get it! It would look amazing on you. That gingham skirt has definitely caused quite a stir with us bloggers! xx

  4. Replies
    1. I can see you rocking it well! xx


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