Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dressing Table Tour Part 2: Make Up Storage

I'm back with the second part of my dressing table tour!

Part one of the tour focused on all the pretty trinkets displayed on the dressing table and you can catch up with part one here. Today I'm going to show you how I store my make up.

So, who would like a peek in to my drawers?

My dressing table has three small drawers down one side. Two drawers hold my make up, and the third holds my nail polish collection. Let's take a look!

The top drawer is kept organised by a wooden cutlery tray which I bought in Cargo over a year and a half ago. Cutlery drawers make fantastic make up organisers, and often look much nicer than cheap plastic dividers. They're a lot cheaper, too. This one cost me £8.

On the left are my lip products. I don't have a huge collection of lippy, but I'm gradually building it up. The other three sections, from the back, contain my blushers, mascaras, and base products. In the gaps around the tray are a few lipgloss and lipstick sets, some nail files, and an epilator I haven't used in forever. I love how colourful this drawer is.

Up until a few months ago all my make up had been stored in one drawer- and I miraculously managed to keep it organised. Now I'm looking at these photos and wondering how I did it! I had to expand it to a second drawer at Christmas when I gained several new make up sets and even now it's cramped.

The second drawer is home to my eye make up collection. Most of the palettes are eye make up sets, but there's also a couple of face powder palettes that are too big for the first drawer. I also keep some cleansing wipes, and a mirror to do my make up with in this drawer.

Last week, I got fed up of the disarray and made these dividers out of a sturdy cardboard box that once held chocolates. The box was square, so I cut a section of the lid off to size, and sellotaped it to the end of the square to make a rectangle. I wanted it to fit the length of the drawer to make the best use of the space. I then took another piece of the lid and sellotaped it to the middle of the square to divide it in to two.

I now have an organised make up collection and it didn't cost me a penny! This will probably just be a temporary storage solution until I can purchase another cutlery drawer or drawer tidy, but it's sure worked a treat at keeping my make up tidy!

The front section is home to my liquid and pencil eye liners. The middle and back sections hold my powder eyeshadows, most of which are singles, but there are a few duos and palettes in there, two. Along side the divider are several Inglot, Stila, and Soap and Glory palettes.

I'm addicted to green eye make up, which I'm sure you can tell from the photos, and I love good quality make up products. My favourite make up brand has got to be Inglot, but I like and use both drug store and high end make up brands.

My favourite products are still my gorgeous Inglot eyeshadow palettes. The colours are highly pigmented and I have a rainbow of pretty colours to play with.

And finally, the bottom drawer is home to my nail polish collection, nail art pens, and tools. 

I have quite a large collection of polishes; the last time I counted I had more than 110! Oops. I think I may have a nail polish addiction!

I try to keep my nail polishes organised by colour, glitter, and effects, as it makes it easier to locate a particular bottle. This is less organised than it usually is. I need to take it all out, go through them all, throw out the ones which have dried up, and give them a tidy.

The purple pot holds my tools such as a glass nail file, dotting tools, tweezers, manicure scissors and so on. The cupcake is a little manicure set I was given for Christmas.

The drawer isn't the most ideal way of storing my nail polish collection, as it's so easy to forgot about particular colours when they're stored away. I want to get a little display cabinet to hang on the wall above my dressing table where I can display some of my favourites and remind myself to use them, but in the mean time the drawer is more than adequate for keeping them all neat and tidy.

And that is how I store my make up collection!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek in to my dressing table. I've really enjoyed putting it together.

Look out for part three of my dressing table tour coming soon, when I'll be showing you how I store some of my accessories.

How do you organise your make up and cosmetics? If you've done a post like this, I'd love to see your links!



  1. I love Inglot shadows too! I'm so bummed that they don't ship to me now.
    I'm waiting on my drawer system right now. I can't wait to rearrange everything. I love your setup!

    1. Oh, that's totally sucks! Inglot make up is the best! I hope they change their minds and start shipping to you again. You'll have to blog about the set up when you have it all organised! I'd love to see it. And thank you! :)

  2. I am in total envy of your organisation skills xx

  3. Wow - so tidy, so much order! You're awesome!

    1. Aw, thanks, Trees! You're pretty awesome yourself! xx

  4. I though I had too much polish when I got to about 20 I can't believe you have so many and that everything looks so neat!! It would be a terrible mess if it was mine lol xx

    1. Haha! I used to be the same. My collection has grown so much in the last 2 years. I've got a lot as presents, from magazines, or in giveaways, though- like your lovely one! And I find it difficult to walk past a nail polish display without treating myself to one if I have a couple of quid to spare. It's only tidy and organised because I have so much time to spare, and not enough room to be messy xx


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