Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday Favourites #60

Happy Sunday guys!

I have absolutely no idea where the last week has gone; apart from that I hibernated through most of it, recovering from a little trip out! Because of that, I haven't pinned and tumblr-ed as much as usual this week, but I hope you'll enjoy this today's selection all the same. Enjoy.

I'm in love with this rainbow eye make up look. I can't wait to give it a go.

There's something so pretty about blue rose tattoos.


A world traveller called Bill Passman got the world map tattooed on his back, with the aim of having each country filled in as he visits them! I LOVE this idea. I've only visited two countries outside the UK and Ireland, so mine would be a very flesh-coloured piece for a while.


This sleeve and body piece is gorgeous.


Pretty pastel nails I need to remember for Spring!


These Koala Caramel Macarons are the cutest baked goods I've ever seen!

Some colourful snail mail.

This Mouse-shaped gift wrap!

The wrinkliest, most adorable puppy on the face of the earth! I want puppy cuddles!

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars.

Bill Gates tells it how it is. Take note, kids- he's right!

This bat wants to play, too!

I love this quote.

I want one of these beautiful cats! They're a cross between a domestic cat, and an African serval, with the temperament of a dog. They must cost a fortune to adopt and care for, but they're real beauties.

This series of true stories about heroic pit bulls saving the day had me in tears. Click through to read more of them; they may change the way you think of pit bulls.

Embrace the body you've got!


Someone take me to White Haven beach in Australia; it looks stunning!


This gorgeous foxlet doesn't sleep without her teddy bear!


These snowman macarons are possibly even cuter than the koalas, and I'm seriously considering making some this Christmas! The red velvet snow cake looks fantastic, too.

~  Fat hate: Just Because It's Accepted, Doesn't Mean It's Acceptable.

~  If You're Happy and You Know It... that's fantastic, but if you're not happy with your body, don't assume someone larger than you hates her body, too.

~  Killing a Lion is the Most Cowardly Thing You Can Do! I detest anybody who hunts for sport and boasts about their kill. WHY do people still think it's okay to kill a living creature? Especially an animal so critically endangered?

~  33 of the Greatest Things to Happen on Tumblr in 2013.

And that's it for another week!

I'll be back next Sunday with a special festive edition of Serendipity Sunday.



  1. The fox with the teddy bear is so cute! x

  2. Bill Gates, yep I agree with him (not sure how I feel about that!) the tattoed map is incredible, and such a good idea - and photo shop has a lot to answer for, it continues to be one of my mum rants! my poor kids roll their eyes to it, lengthening limbs? seriously! great post Louise, as ever I have read it twice! x x x

  3. Love the paper-dos. The snail mail pack and the mouse-wrap. I've always wondered why women take so much effort in doing such gorgeous, but time-eating manicure. No way it stays more than few days. It looks beautiful but a "real woman" isn't able to focus in such detailed nail work. Of course, it's easy when you can afford a manicure salon visit :)
    Have a good week.

  4. I LOVE the tattoo of the fox and all the other stuff. It's a masterpiece! I rolled up at the Tumblr things, so many funnies. Thanks for the link to my post too. x x

  5. The fox tattoo is amazing I love it!! Xx


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