Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fifty Things I Want To Do During the Festive Season

Now it's December, there's no denying that Christmas in nearly up on us. I have absolutely no idea where the last few months have gone; in my opinion, the time is ticking away too fast. I want to slow it down and savour every moment of the festive season before it's over for another year.

I've always been a bit of a Christmas enthusiast, I won't deny that. I often begin to get excited for the festivities as soon as summer is over, when I usually start preparing for it all. It's my favourite time of year without a doubt, and I love the atmosphere, festivities, and preparations leading up to the twenty-fifth... probably more than the day itself. In short, I'm one big Christmas nerd!

So, lately, I've been brain-storming lots of ideas for things I would like to make, bake, and do over the next few weeks, as well as all the usual things I still have to do before the twenty-fifth, to get the most out of December. I thought I'd share my list with you guys, in case it's of any use to anybody looking for some ideas for Christmas activities that aren't just aimed at families with young children. Enjoy.

1. Decorate the house ready for Christmas. Put up the tree, dress the fire place, add some festive cheer to my bedroom and deck those halls!

2. Buy or make a wreath for the door.

3. Wrap presents for my family and friends.

4. Write and send cards.

5. Make and fill Christmas crackers. (I bought a kit from Hobbycraft).

6. Fill Christmas favour boxes with edible treats.

7. Personalise the place setting cards for Christmas dinner.

8. Count down the days with an advent calendar.

9. Have at least one Christmas movie marathon.

10. Discover a new (to me) Christmas movie. (I've always wanted to see 'It's a Wonderful Life').

11. Spend a few hours having an epic listen to all those great Christmas tunes.

12. Buy a new Christmas decoration.

13. Make a cross stitch Christmas ornament for the tree.

14. Finish Christmas cross stitch picture and have it framed. (Almost done!)

15. Drive around to see Christmas lights.

16. Take a walk on a cold night to see Christmas lights.

17. Go to a Christmas market.

18. Go to a Christmas craft fair. I want to go to one at Blenheim Palace.

19. Go late night Christmas shopping.

20. Try a festive-flavoured hot chocolate or coffee.

21. Go for a Costa hot chocolate on a cold day. (Check!)

22. Make or bake some festive treats. The possibilities are endless, but I'd love to try making truffles, peppermint creams, a yule log, and / or some Christmas cookies, alongside my traditional trifle and cheesecake.

23. Get roasted chestnuts and mulled wine. 

24. Go to a Church service on Christmas Eve, preferably Midnight Mass. I'm not religious- as much as my Dad tried by bringing us up Catholic, but I'd like to go for him, and to hear the carols.

25. Put a Christmas Eve box together, full of things to enjoy on Christmas Eve night.

26. Buy new pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve / Christmas morning.

27. Read a festive themed book. I've downloaded a collection of Charles Dickens' Christmas themed stories to curl up with in the run up to Christmas. You can't beat A Christmas Carol!

28. Get a new Christmas jumper.

29. Get a new Christmas dress.

30. Come up with a festive eye make up look.

31. Try some Christmas nail art.

32. Buy sparkly red and gold nail polishes.

33. Buy some utterly tacky Christmas accessories and wear them with pride. I have no shame.

34. Make popcorn and cranberry garlands to drape around the house. I've always wanted to give this a go!

35. Make a snowman if it snows.

36. Use edible glitter on something. Everything is better with edible glitter. Fact!

37. Make a gingerbread house.

38. Try stollen and panettone.

39. Take lots of photos.

40. Take some group family photos. (We never do anymore!)

41. Decorate the tree with candy canes or chocolates.

42. Do the cliche thing and play board games with the family on Christmas Day.

43. Go to a concert or to see a show at the theatre.

44. Try a new dessert recipe for Christmas Day, to mix things up a little. Who knows, it may become a new tradition to make it every year.

45. See a festive film at the cinema.

46. Light festive candles every evening. Yankee candles and Cath Kidston tea light holders at the ready!

47. Make a festive playlist to get my family and I in the festive spirit.

48. Go for a walk and collect foliage for rustic, natural decorations.

49. Enjoy a festive alcoholic beverage or two. Will you join us in a mint Baileys for Christmas??

50. Create a Christmas journal page or two. Chronicle, record, and document Christmas 2013.

I don't know how many of these goals I'll actually manage to cross off the list, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of fun trying to complete as many of them as possible!

I've also included a few more ideas that came to mind, below. I know I probably won't be able to achieve most of them, so they didn't make the cut, but perhaps you'll be eager to give some of them a go!

And some other Christmas tasks that came to mind...

Make a Christmas stocking.

Make an advent calendar.

Make Christmas cards from scratch.

Make a Christmas cake or pudding.

Try making Christmas condiments and drinks from scratch.

Sing Christmas carols.

Fill a box with presents for the under-privileged, in need, or for our hard-working soldiers over seas.

Donate and / or volunteer your time for a worthwhile cause. Look after your elderly neighbours and friends. Do something for the animals in rescue centres at Christmas.

Spread a little cheer by buying a drink or a meal for the person behind you in a restaurant, coffee shop,  or drive-through.

Hang mistletoe.

Decorate the home with holly, fir branches, and pine cones. They always look fantastic!

Drive around to see Christmas lights... in pyjamas.

Go to see a pantomime.

Go out for a meal or a few drinks with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or host a get-together.

Party, party, party!

Please feel free to use any of the ideas I've listed here, and if you want to blog your own Fifty Things to do During the Festive Season, please go ahead! You can also use the image above- just please credit back to me where possible. Have fun and happy holidays!


  1. This is such an awesome mint. I really need to try mint Baileys.. ah, all of these things! xxx

  2. of course, make mine a double! and can I let you do all the hard work while I have a sit down!! you are going to be a busy one, that is an awesome list of really fun things x x x

  3. Ooh, this is an awesome post! I'm going to do this. I will link and credit of course. x x

  4. Impressive list! You must share some of your Christmas achievements with us - I would especially love to see what you make in the kitchen. Speaking of which, you could try and make a pavlova for your Christmas dessert, its what we eat in nz for Christmas :D

  5. hope you get to make some of your xmas wishes come true xx

  6. Such a great list, I think I'll going to do a post like this too. I tried mint Baileys last year, it's so yummy.I have never tried stollen or panettone either, I might have to try this year.


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