Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Home Tour Part Two: My Bedroom (2013)

A couple of days ago, I gave you all a little peek at some of the Christmas decorations in my living room, and today I'm continuing on with the feature to show you how I've added a little Christmas spirit to my bedroom.

As many of you know, I spend the majority of my time living from bed because of the pain my disc injuries have left me in. So, this means I can't go out to soak up the festive atmosphere at parties, or even spend long downstairs enjoying the twinkle lights and all the other festive decorations that get me excited for Christmas. Last year I didn't manage to add much festive cheer to my bedroom, and I regretted it because it was a bit depressing without a tree and fairy lights to look at. So I sure wasn't going to make that mistake again this year! 

I'm so very glad I put in some effort this December!

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a tree and fairy lights. I found this gorgeous little tree in Sainsburys, which came potted and with a few decorations already on it. (The bow on top; the red and white baubles; and the felt house). I bought the fairy lights while I was there for three pounds. I'm impressed that I've not killed it yet; it's not so much as dropped a needle! If it lasts until the new year I'll be able to put it in the garden and perhaps even dig it up for next Christmas! 

I love my snowman angel; I've had him for years now.

The felt house is so cute; I'm a bit of a sucker for Scandinavian style Christmas decorations. 

I saw this little robin in Next a few months back, and I had to have him.. even though I haven't quite worked out what to do with him yet. I couldn't resist the tartan and tweed design, and his adorable bow tie; he's so perfectly dressed. I've named him 'Hamish'. No idea why!

Oh please let it snow! I love snow!

My Christmas tree sits on my dressing table stool, and underneath it is the Malteser's advent calendar I treated myself to. I've not had an advent calendar in years. I wanted the Benefit or The Body Shop advent calendars, but sadly I missed out on both, so I settled for chocolate. 

The big hat box was from a Lush gift set my little sister gave me for Christmas years ago. It was too lovely to throw away, and I currently have some scarves stored in it. I've turned it in to a Christmas decoration this year.

As my dressing table is the place where I display lots of pretty things, it was only right that I embellished it some more with some festive decorations. I draped my mirror in another set of white fairy lights (I bought them for the tree, originally, but one set turned out to be enough). I've hung snowflake decorations from my earring holder and beauty filled cake stand, and I also have gem decorations hanging from the mannequin. (Although I've left the gems on display since last Christmas).

I want to do a dressing table tour in the new year, once I've got my jewellery hooks up on the wall. I've been intending to do so since I got them last year! (Read: get my Dad to put them up for me! Haha!)

I've been lighting tea lights and candles every night so far this month, in place of a more traditional advent candle. I love the wintry and festive atmosphere that these candles have provided this month. It's been especially lovely when the wind has been howling and the rain lashing down; so cosy and inviting.

The silver and pink tea light holder came from Cargo a year and a half ago, which I'd been using as a make up brush holder until recently. The three festive tea light holders are all Cath Kidston, and from this year's Christmas range. The holly and fifties deer designs came in a set of two for £6, and the Santa one was sold separately. I love them!

These little additions to my room have made all the difference and have been helping me get in to the Christmas spirit. Isn't it amazing how a couple of minor touches can make a difference to both atmosphere and our moods? I think it is.

Do you decorate your bedrooms at Christmas time?



  1. It's so festive and cosy, I do like the Santa glasses and your cakestand of goodies, fairy lights forever too, I love them - we have had a big silver star up in our bedroom all year, I wouldn't take it down as life seemed to be rather wonderful, I thought it may change our luck x x x

  2. It's so cosy and inviting. I don't decorate the bedroom at all. It's freezing cold and dark as the sunlight hits the front of the flat so I'm only in there to sleep/rest. I LOVE your room. It's fab. x x

  3. The lights look so pretty :) I don't have decorations anywhere in the house just call me grinch ;) xx


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