Friday, 20 September 2013

The Autumn Tag

I've seen this tag pop up on quite a lot of blogs lately, so I decided I wanted to give it a go, too. I probably did this tag last Autumn, but perhaps my answers will have changed a little from a year ago. If you fancy giving this challenge a go, too, please go for it! I decided to make my own Autumn Tag image, but feel free to use it if you wish.

1. Favourite Thing About It?

My favourite thing about Autumn is... probably all the fiery colours of the foliage. As much as I hate seeing the greenery fade away and how barren the trees will soon look until the Spring (I find that so depressing), I can't deny how beautiful Autumn is, especially here in The Cotswolds. Well, you guys now how swayed I am by colour!

I love going for walks at this time of year, wrapped up warm in chunky knitwear, gloves, scarf, and boots, feeling that Autumn chill on my skin, and crunching through the crisp dead leaves. And I also love the fashion colour palettes in Autumn; the forest greens, teals, burgundys, mustards, and deep purples, and the prospect of new season purchases.

2. Favourite Drink?

I don't really have a favourite Autumn drink; I'm not much of a hot beverage drinker and what I drink generally remains the same all year round. I do occasionally treat myself to a Costa hot chocolate during Autumn and Winter, though, so I'll go with that. Costa hot chocolate with marshmallows- no cream.

3. Favourite Scent / Candle?

My favourite perfume scent for Autumn is DKNY's Red Delicious which generally gets worn from September until the spring. It smells like red apples and berries, and I think the scent is so elegant and reassuring. It's cosy, warm, and inviting against the crisp Autumn air, and sits perfectly between subtle and over-baring.

As for candles, I enjoy the scent of any of the cookie scented Yankee Candles like Christmas Cookie, Snowflake Cookie, Red Velvet, and Vanilla Cupcake which all smell like short bread is being baked in the kitchen. There's something so comforting and homely about the smell of baking when it's cold outside, and it reminds me of cold Sunday evenings growing up when my Mum would usually be baking something comforting like apple pie or a rhubarb crumble.

4. Best Lipstick?

It's been a long time since I last wore lipstick regularly, so I don't really have one, but I would choose dark reds and wines, and plum colours for this time of year. I'd recommend Inglot lipsticks, which I've been experimenting with recently.

5. Go To Moisturiser?

I use the same moisturiser all year round and have never changed it with the seasons. I use The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream and have done for quite a few years now. It keeps my skin so soft and smooth, and the scent is pleasant, so I see no reason to ever change it. It's not tested on animals, either, which is another reason I love it.

6. Go To Colours For The Eyes?

I'm not sure I really have particular colours I reserve just for Autumn. I like to wear almost every colour imaginable all year round, and never let the seasons affect that. Generally, you'll find me wearing lots of greens, purples, golds, and teals, but that's the case all year round, too.

7. Favourite Music Or Band / Singer To Listen To?

My musical tastes don't change hugely from season to season. I have my all time favourite bands, songs and albums which I listen to all the time, and that doesn't ever change much. I do tend to play Evanescence's music often in Autumn, especially their debut album 'Fallen', and I play Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' album a lot, too. I love to listen to Linkin Park's earlier albums (especially Meteora), and Kings of Leon's Only By The Night compliments the season. There's a few songs on the end of Savage Garden's 'Affirmation' album ('Two Beds and a Coffee Machine' onwards) which have always been played in Autumn, too, and I really don't know why!

8. Favourite Outfit To Wear?

I love wearing chunky knit boyfriend cardigans layered over tea dresses, with a thick scarf, opaque tights, ankle boots, a knitted beanie hat, and a cute pair of gloves.

9. Favourite Autumn Treat?

Apart from the Costa hot chocolate, probably my Mum's home made apple pie with custard.

If we're talking non-food treats, then I love to treat myself to new boots, gloves, scarves, and knitwear for the new season.

10. Favourite Place To Be.

My favourite place to be in Autumn is probably just in my own home town. We have so many trees in our town so it's a pretty place to be when the leaves start changing, and I find home so comforting when the nights are drawing in. I love curling up under a blanket with a good book or a movie, or perhaps some kind of craft to do and getting all cosy.  I also love to visit Oxford around September, October time, as it's a really beautiful place when the foliage bursts in to all that colour.

What are your favourite things about Autumn?



  1. You are so descriptive and have made me feel all Autumnal! I just love the changing season's x x

    1. Thank you! I guess I was feeling very Autumnal when I wrote this. I love changing seasons, too. I just wish Autumn and Winter had more daylight. I hate the long dark evenings xx

  2. i quite like autumn too but i hate that the spiders keep coming out to scare me xx

    1. Spiders are the worst thing about Autumn! I have a major phobia of them and seem to get visited by several every night. I had one the size of a hamster racing across my floor the other week! :c xx


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