Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday Favourites #49

Hey folks,

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend, what ever you're up to.

Here's a bunch of my favourite images and links from this past week to get your teeth in to. Enjoy.

I'm in love with this Alice in Wonderland sleeve. I want a sleeve and Alice and Wonderland tattoos so bad! I'll make it happen, one day. I will!

My other favourite tattoos this week include this carousel horse tattoo and this beautiful woodland piece.

These chevron rainbow nails are gorgeous.


I adore how this shelving unit is organised. Everything looks so interesting, colourful, and pretty.

This lady's floral frock is beautiful.

Giving money to a loved one as a gift? Well, why not pop the cash in to a balloon along with tons of confetti! I really want to do this next time I'm giving money instead of presents.

The colours used in this eye make up look are so pretty together.

I came across this old image from The Dainty Squid, and oh, have I fallen in love with her hair colour here.

I also want my hair in this gorgeous shade of purple, too!

Aren't these strawberry macaroons so cute?

This little polar bear cub has made friends with a stuffed bear! There are more adorable photos of the pair at the source, and they're all insanely cute.

The silhouettes of 9000 men were stencilled on to the D-Day landing beach, Arromanche, in France by two British artists and a team of volunteers in honour of International Peace Day, as a reminder of what happens in the absence of peace. What a powerful way to remember the fallen men.

This is beautiful.

Am I the only one who finds abandoned and decrepit buildings and structures oddly fascinating and beautiful? If these sort of images interest you, there's a bunch more of different places at the source.

Stating the obvious... I mean, seriously?

There's more of these stupidly obvious signs at the source.


Why not use buttons to embellish presents? I want to!

This is what happens with me! Especially the ring thing.


This is so very true.

These GIFs of a group of otters chasing a butterfly are so cute!

~ This sloth must be the laziest eater in the world!

~ This story made me cry.

~ This photo is the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

These animals really couldn't care less.

~ Chessington World of Adventures (an English zoo and theme park) has banned visitors from wearing animal print as it confuses the animals. Well, nobody wants to be stalked by a big cat because it thinks you're a zebra!

~ The absolutely shocking, disgusting story of a toddler who was given weight loss surgery because he was over weight! In what world is that even ethical, not to mention safe for a growing baby? 

~ Very important music related diagrams...

~ When a couple called off their wedding, the bride's family decided to invite 200 homeless people to what would've been the reception meal, and treated them to a four-course meal!



  1. Owh i just found ur blog like yesterday tru leah-just me leah. And i spend almost 2 days checking ur Sunday inspiration. Now i see the dainty squid here on ur post
    Owh my im so excited when my two fav blogger has their mark on ur blog! Its like my two separate interest has intercept.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading them, and thanks for finding me through the lovely Leah. I love The Dainty Squid, too. :)

  2. i love the first tattoo its so bright and vibrant xx

  3. another great post! do you know I now wait till 9am, read it and then get ready for work because it is so part of my Sunday routine? and then come back! x x

    1. Thank you! Aw, it makes me happy to hear how much you enjoy reading these posts. :) xx

  4. The sleeve is fantastic!!! I want one too, just started with a small piece :) xx

    1. It's incredible, isn't it! One day I will get one. You have to start somewhere, no matter how small! :)


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