Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday Favourites #47

Morning lovelies,

I've got so many great images to share with you for this week's Serendipity Sunday. I blame Pinterest. I've found so many interesting and beautiful photos through it this week, and have repinned so many.  I also stumbled upon Cath Kidston's Pinterest... it took me a few hundred repins and a  few hours to make it out alive... Oops, is all I can say.

I love this sleeve.

This sleeve is my idea of tattoo perfection.

I'm also loving: this onethis onethis onethis one, and this one.

Lovely bedroom decor.

Handmade brooches.

I'm still dying to own a dress in this pattern. <3

Pretty purple hair.

I want to have a go at doing something like this. Red, yellow, and orange together would be great for Autumn.

I would love to have a go at ombre-ing my furniture. This colour palette is gorgeous.


Glee's Amber Riley looks amazing in this beautiful dress.

Jake the Spotted Hyena is the cutest critter on four legs I've seen in ages. Can I adopt him, please?

There's something really beautiful about this series of photos by Kai Fagerstrom, entitled Once Upon a Home. The photographer captured photos of animals which had made their homes in abandoned derelict cottages in Finland. More here.

I really love this photo. I can just imagine curling up near this window with a book and a blanket. It also makes me think of the Colin Firth storyline in Love Actually, for some reason.

These raindrop walls are so pretty.

I'm in love with this eye make up look.

Colour pairing inspiration. Mustard and forest green look stunning together.


Another cute odd couple.

Chocolate polka dots.

Pretty floral nails.

When Bibi the dog was blown off a pier and in to the rough Melbourne waters, a random passerby stripped down to his boxers and jumped in to save him. Thankfully they both made it out in one piece. These kind of stories really restore my faith in people.


Oh how I love Emma Watson's gorgeous tartan dress.

This little selection of stories made me tear up. You can see more of them here.

These strawberry milk whoopie pies look so cute.

Pretty journaling.

Probably the prettiest desk I've ever seen.

This retro dressed camper looks adorable.


Loving this patchwork wallpaper.

Bunting cake!

These shoes are AMAZING!


This made me laugh!


I reblogged this for the comment: "If you flip a photo of bats hanging upside down, they look like they're having a wicked dance off." They actually do!

A glass beach in Fort Bragg, California.

What happened when a photographer came face to face with a leopard seal in Antarctica?  The rest of the story is pretty incredible...

And a few other things you may enjoy.

// This video of a litter of wild boar piglets and their foster Mum, a French bulldog, is pretty cute.

// I showed you two of these already, but these 50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos are so beautiful.

// 11 Of The Oldest Buildings That Are Still Standing.



  1. Those tattoos! That hair! The seeing eye goose! And I will not rest until that dress of Emma Watson's is mine, was in love from the first time I saw it xxx

    1. I think you'd look amazing in that dress of hers! It's gorgeous! xx

  2. I love the goose and boxer it's such a cute story xx

    1. They're adorable, aren't they! xx

  3. love the floral nail art! :)

    emily xx

  4. So many lovely things - lately I have wanted to do SOMETHING more interesting with our flat - so I have to admit I love the home/decorating ideas the most. Although I'm not sure I would get away with quite so much girly-ness in our place.

    1. I doubt there are a lot of men who would let them partners make their home overly girlie, but it's always worth a try! Lol. Introduce little bits of femininity at a time and maybe he won't notice! xx

  5. So many pretty things, but the thing with the leopard seal touched me. So often we call animals killers - or predators - because then it excuses us killing them in the most brutal of ways, but every living thing has a tender side like this. It made me cry. x x

    1. The leopard seal's act of kindness touched me as well. I think we're so quick to call animals killers because as humans we think we're superior, but we forget that we're not supposed to be in their territory (if they're sea animals especially) and they've as much right to live as we do. We forget that we kill innocent animals on a daily basis for sport, trophies, food, fur etc, whilst animals who kill people are usually doing so in self-defence or for food. Most animals have that tender side if people give them a chance to show it, but people don't often let them. I cried too! xx

  6. so many beautiful things and stories, another wonderful Sunday post (I read them now before I go to work at 11am- bleurgh!) x x

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy them, even if you do have to go to work on Sunday mornings now! I don't miss working Sundays at all! xx

  7. Great post!


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