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Jemma Kidd I-Tech Liquid Eyeliners Review

So, I love good quality make up; the sort that is mostly found on make up counters and in boutiques (read: expensive), but I can't often afford the price tag that comes with them any more. Jemma Kidd make up is on the lower end of the scale, but a step or two up from drugstore make up brands, with prices starting at around £9.00 for an eyeliner pencil.

I had always wanted to try some Jemma Kidd make up, and you can imagine my delight when I discovered their I-Tech liquid eyeliners were available on beauty bargain lovers favourite, Fragrance Direct. And for just £1.99 each; a steal considering the RRP is around £10.50!

From the moment I saw them online, they instantly reminded me of the liquid eye liners that B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful (the late sister company of Lush) once sold. I once had about fifty different colours of them in my collection and I LOVED them. (To be honest, that's an understatement! I was obsessed). So, I had to order the Jemma Kidd ones to find out if they could possibly live up to my old favourites.

I collected the three shades available on Fragrance Direct over a couple of orders, and also bought some for my best friend and little sister. The colours consisted of a deep chocolate brown called Aesthetic, a dreamy emerald green called Contrast, and a beautiful stormy ocean blue called Abstract.

In appearance they look very similar to the B Never Too Busy... eyeliners. The packaging is made of strong plastic, with a clear pot so you can see the inviting colours of the make up. The lids are a matte black with the logo and brand name adorning them in bright pink. I personally think they look tasteful and I like the simplicity of the design. The lids have a screw fastening, which is easy to use, and should keep the make up from coming open in bags and make up bags.

The outer packaging is made from sturdy cardboard, like most high-end make up packaging, and the design is sleek and simple. No fuss, just simple red and black and a few words. It certainly has that high-end charm.

"Make a statement without saying a word. Quick dry, extreme last liquid liner in classic black to bold brights. Fine brush for professional application. Remove with an oil based make up remover."

I really agree with this statement, and I will explain more in just a moment...

"Jemma's fashion fix: Liquid liner every time for after-show party glamour that lasts and last; dusk till dawn."

Each eyeliner has it's own brush inside the lid, which has a long handle to get to the bottom of the pot, and a fine flat brush for achieving perfect and precise neat lines. Each time I've used these eyeliners, I've created the neatest eye liner looks I've ever managed in my entire life. Honestly, I'm terrible at achieving neat eye liner, but I have no problems with these. The brush makes it so easy to get in close to the lash line, and whip it across in a straight line.

Here are the swatches of the eye liners taken in natural daylight. In the photo above, I altered the levels and contrast of the photo, but it's still true to the real colours and vibrancy.

The photo above hasn't been altered at all. This is what you get. Freckles sold separately.

So, the colours are all absolutely beautiful. All of them. They're all so bold and vibrant, and oh so pretty.

The green is probably my favourite. Mostly because I have a thing for green eye make up. This one looks like a gleaming pool of liquid emerald that I just want to swim in, and it really makes my brown eyes pop. The blue reminds me of the sea on a stormy day; of choppy waves crashing towards the shore. I could sit here and look at the colours of it all day. The brown is a stunning chocolate brown and bronze colour, and I find this shade so beautiful. It's a great alternative to black, and versatile, too. 

The biggest surprise to me was how long-lasting they are. Once you apply these quick-drying liners to your skin, they're not going anywhere for quite a while. They will last an entire day without so much as bleeding or fading, which is brilliant... but, that also means they take a bit of effort to wipe away at the end of the day...

It took me about five minutes of scrubbing my hand raw with a cleansing wipe to get those swatches off my skin. You should be able to see how red my hand looks. It wasn't too big a deal, but it wouldn't be possible to use the same force on and around the eye lids, so the make sometimes ends up remaining in place for a day or two.

I'm very impressed with all three of these Jemma Kidd eyeliners, and they are definitely just as good as my old favourites, and some of the best eyeliners I've ever used. Not bad for the bargain price of just £1.99 each! All three colours are still available through Fragrance Direct, and you can find them here.

Have you tried Jemma Kidd's i-tech Liquid Liners yet?



  1. The colour payoff is amazing! I'd be tempted to try these but I'm just so afraid of anything other than black liner haha! xxx

    1. I think these colours would all look amazing on you! Why don't you start with dark colours like navy, and brown and go from there? xx

  2. those look really nice i can't use eyeliner like that to save my life though i end up with it all over and in my eye xx

    1. They just take a bit of practise. I'm still useless with black eyeliner, but seem to be okay with colour for some random reason xx

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