Monday, 16 September 2013

Autumn Wardrobe Wish List

When Summer ends and the weather starts to drop, I always find myself reviewing my wardrobe to think of what I need to see me through the colder weather. Do I need a new coat, or some new boots? Perhaps I could do with a a thick knit scarf, or a great pair of heavy denim jeans.

Sadly, as much as I love Autumn and Winter fashion, I never have much money to spend on myself or my wardrobe at this time of year; what with Christmas on the horizon, and four family birthdays before it. Between September and January I have to be quite frugal and put gift-buying first, so I actually don't have much of an Autumn / Winter wardrobe! I mainly just make do with layering up clothes I wear in Spring and Summer and that usually works just fine for me.

I will normally allow myself a couple of purchases before I concentrate on Christmas shopping, but I have to think about what I really need more than what I'm dying to own. And that's exactly what I've been doing lately. I've put together a little collage to show you what I need and would like to add to my wardrobe this Autumn...

Winter Coat

I'm probably most in need of a new winter coat. The ones I own are all a little past their best now, and also a little too short for wearing over most of my dresses. I find it so difficult to find lovely fitted winter coats that fall past the knee, so finding ones which I like are a whole other story. I wish the navy Dorothy Perkins coat was a few inches longer as it's so beautiful.

Wide Fit Ankle Boots

I've been looking out for the perfect wide fit ankle boots, and I think I've found them in the Simply Be studded boots. Well, that's providing they're as pretty as they appear on screen, and fit well in reality. I've ordered the burgundy pair after having an eBay clear out, and I'm sure if I fall in love with them on delivery I'll be going after the other two colours as well. In my head I'm already working on making them all mine, anyway! 

Staple Boyfriend Cardigans

Something I could really do with is a couple of plain coloured boyfriend cardigans for layering. I have plenty of cropped, and shorter cardigans, but not much of anything else. Getting rid of faded and misshapen old cardigans seemed a good idea at the time, but I never got round to replacing them... I have my eye on the black Matalan cardigan above.

A Red Cardigan

It's been a couple of years since I last had a red cardigan in my wardrobe, and I've been wanting one ever since. I love wearing red, and I think it's such a versatile colour. I've been trying to hunt down a nice, affordable one all year, and oddly they've been so hard to find! What's up with that?

Chunky Knitwear

I both need and would like some lovely chunky knit jumpers and cardigans to keep myself warm and cosy when the temperatures plummet. I love wrapping myself up in chunky knitwear and going for a walk when there's a crisp frost or snow on the ground. Heaven.

Knitted Beanie Hat or Beret

I have a couple of knit hats, but nothing I love. I want a new cable knit beanie or wool beret to keep my ears warm in the cold, and to look cute, too. Ideally, I'd love one in grey, burgundy, teal, cream, or black.

Tartan Dress

I definitely don't need any more dresses, but I have wanted a tartan one for a long time, so I had to treat myself to the gorgeous Pink Clove number last night. Not only is it beautiful, but it has sleeves which makes it more A/W friendly (few of my dresses have sleeves), and it was only £22! I hope it lives up to my expectations in real life!

And finally,


I have several scarves which are suitable for Autumn / Winter, but I have my heart set on treating myself to a new one. I'm in love with the red polka dot scarf from Accessorize; it's beautiful, and also wonderfully thick and warm. I will have to pounce on it soon, but I've also fallen in love with the tartan scarf, which would also be so perfect for my A/W wardrobe. Perhaps I need both...?

What's on your wish list for Autumn?



  1. I need a long coat too, wind and full skirts can be a bother! you have picked great things, my knitwear so far has come from the charity shops, love them! the tartan dress is just gorgeous, look forward to seeing you wear it x x

    1. They sure can! I just need something long enough to work with my longer dresses. Thank you. I never have any luck with charity shops, you lucky thing! xx

  2. Can I have all of it please? You're loving all the colours I do too. Those studded boots are lust worthy. x x

    1. Yes you can! I can't get enough of all the beautiful Autumn colours. And I agree, those boots are amazing! xx

  3. i can't wait to see you in the tartan dress xx


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