Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"You can buy all the make up that Mac can make"

Today, I'm going to do something a little different and stray from my usual fashion musings and OOTDs. I've scheduled this little post for you.

I haven't really posted much about make up in the short time I've been blogging. When I posted a make up look last month for the blogging challenge, I had such positive lovely feedback, and Hannah from Daisies & Dr Martens asked to see more posts like it. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige.

Wearing make up has been a daily ritual of mine since my age reached double digits. I've always loved playing around with different colours and different looks; not because society has told me I need to wear make up to be accepted, but because I genuinely enjoy wearing it. To me, make up is just another part of fashion and personal style. I don't wear it because I'm told I look ugly without it, or because I'm told to hide my 'flaws'. It's just another part of my outfit, and I feel undressed without at least a coat of mascara. Anyone who encourages me to hide behind a mask of make up can take the high road! 

I've barely worn make up during my injury, and I can honestly say I've missed wearing it these nine months. Creating a look for this post was a real pleasure.

I set up the products and tools I thought I'd need. I forgot to add my blusher brush, and completely forgot to use my eyelash curlers, though. Can you tell I'm a little rusty?

I'd also recommend having tissues, cleansing wipes, or cotton wool to hand for any mistakes or stray product. Natural light is best for applying, but I'm sure you're all skilled at applying make up in poor light, and in moving vehicles on the way to work... or is that just me?

These are the products used to create the look, numbered in the order I used them. I only used the eye shadow brush this time, as well as a blusher brush, but it's always handy to have different brushes for shading and lining the lids. A good quality set of brushes are a good investment and should last a life time.

Products used:

1. Benefit Some-Kind-a-Gorgeous lite.
2. Benefit Powder Pop (Dandelion, Dallas, and Hoola powders).
3. The Body Shop Pressed Face Powder 01.
4,5,6. Inglot (my customised freedom palettes).
7. Bourjois Paris Contour Clubbing Waterproof liner in 45 Blue Remix.
8. Bourjois Paris  Regard Paillete Sparkling Eyeliner 34 Vert Stupefiant.
9.Maybelline New York The Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof.

I don't confine myself to just one brand. I love shopping around for great products. I love Inglot, Benefit, The Body Shop, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Mac, Too Faced, Bourjois, Urban Decay... to name but a few.

Okay... let's get started.

Straight from the shower, I've cleansed, toned and moisturised my skin. I like to apply my base when my skin is still a little damp, as it absorbs the product better.

At the moment, I'm using Benefit's 'Some Kind-a-Gorgeous lite' which is a light foundation that sets like a powder when applied to the skin. It doesn't feel heavy, as so many foundations do, so my skin can still breathe. I use the provided make up sponge to apply a light layer all over my face.

(I had to skip the under eye concealer step, as I'm all out. I use one from The Body Shop).

I decided to go for a pink blusher today. I chose to use 'Benefit Powder Pop'. Using a blusher brush, I gently swept the lighter shade, 'Dandelion', from the outer apples of my cheeks along the cheekbone area until I was happy with the definition. I then blended a light amount of the darker shade 'Hoola' over the top towards the end of the cheekbones (nearer the ears). I followed this by using a translucent  Body Shop powder over any shiny areas, such as my chin and nose.

As I've always been blessed with good skin, I keep my base light. I don't always wear foundation, and when I do I often mix it with moisturiser to tone it down (especially in the summer). It's difficult to find the right shade for my very pale skin. I'm never going to have a flawless base due to my millions of freckles, so I just go with it. I use an under eye concealer to hide dark circles; go easy on the blusher to prevent looking like a clown; and use a powder to blot out shiny areas. If I'm out and about in the summer, I'll usually switch foundation for suncream.

I didn't have a specific look in mind when I set out these Inglot palettes. More often than not I make it up as I go along. I'm pretty experimental. For the lid, I've used two shades of turquoise, one lighter than the other, and a lime green. I chose the colours as I was wearing a turquoise and coral outfit.


1. Sweep over the entire lid until bright and evenly coloured.
2. Shade the outer 3rd or so of the lid to create definition.
3. Using a damp eye shadow brush, highlight the inner corner of the lid and lower lash line.


4. Line the upper and lower lash lines/lids.
5. Line the inner lower lash line.
6. Generously coat the upper and lower lashes.

I started by sweeping the lighter turquoise shade all over the lid, and built it up until it was evenly coloured.  This photo shows the first step, and my lashes in their natural state. I find a damp brush will make the colour more intense.

And the end result...

First step... end result when the green was still damp... and end result after a bit more blending.

I personally think eye make up doesn't need to be too neat, but I should have touched up the green a little before snapping these photos. My hair had just been washed and dried, which always leaves stray strands of hair in my fringe, and I'm over due a trim, so sorry for the messy fringe!

After taking a few photos, I realised the green needed a bit of blending, so I went back to the dressing table to fix it. (Top left, bottom right show final results).

And a rare glimpse at my scary face! As you can see, the base is subtle, and I've left my lips untouched to tone the look down.

And, voila!

Sorry for the really long post. I hope you've enjoyed reading it. If this is something you'd like to see more of in the future, leave me a message and let me know what you think!

Do you wear coloured eye make up, or do you prefer natural shadows? Or do you avoid eye make up altogether?



  1. "scary face" - lies! You're adorable^-^ and your skin is amazing, but I already told you that yesterday.

    These colors look so great with your eye color and complexion in general! I wish I could pull off colored eye shadows like you, but everything except purple just looks weird on me. Also, this post made me want to try that Dandelion powder even more... it looks so beautiful on you :)

    1. Haha I don't know about that. My skin is a lot paler than it looks in these photos, too, btw, but I'm thankful for good skin (well, apart from my nose- blackheads yuck!).

      I think with your complexion and hair colour you would suit darker green shadows and liners. I've always just worn colour whether it suits me or not. It's a very subtle powder; more of a face powder than a blusher but with my complexion would look odd all over, so best on my cheeks. I think we have a similar skin colour, so would be great for you. Thank you lovely Nita :)

  2. fabulous eyes! you know i heart browns- i love the pallette you use - you use it all so beautifully - i am also in agreement with make-up - its my business! i use it to feel awake and also prepared for the day x love the post ps you dont have a 'scary face' you are fabulous

    1. Aw thank you, Maria. :) I'm sad that I've not had a chance to use all the colours yet. I've been neglecting it, but do recommend Inglot. Make up makes me look more awake, too. And really it should be fun! Thanks Maria *blushes*

  3. i love that mascars i have about 5 i love them love you make up post i never really use colour on my eyes except browns and blacks love you look xx

    1. They're some of the best mascaras I've used. (I like the black one with the silver/white lid, too.) Thanks, Rachel :) I think you'd look great with coloured eye shadow!

  4. this looks amazing! :D those eyeshadows are amazingly vibrant. i might have to invest in some colours: i'm normally *really* predictable with my makeup, i either have a smokey or a cat eye, and that's as varied as it gets! you look great and i'm jealous of how good your skin is! xxx

    1. Aw thank you, Hannah! I really can't fault these Inglot eye shadows; I only wish I'd discovered them earlier. I'd totally recommend them, but if you're a little wary of colour, start with some cheaper brands first so if it's not for you you've not wasted lots of money. I'm useless with smokey eyes and cat flicks; you should do some posts on them! Thanks, Hannah. I've been lucky with my skin so far :)

  5. Gorgeous makeup! I love the colours - so nice on you :)

    Just wondering how you find your Dainty Doll shadows compared to your Inglot? Are they as pigmented at all as I love Inglot and I was thinking of getting some Dainty doll. would love to hear your thoughts! x

    Belle Morte Beauty

    1. Thanks Belle :)

      The Dainty Doll eyeshadows are just as beautiful as the Inglot ones. They're really highly pigmented, just like Inglot's and stay on the skin pretty much all day without a touch up. The colours are gorgeous; so bright and bold. I really love the Dainty Doll make up and if you love Inglot make up, then I recommend you give Dainty Doll a try, too. I doubt you'd regret it. I got mine via Fragrance Direct and Amazon, all between £2-3, instead of the RRP which is a lot more. Hope that helps x


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