Thursday, 21 June 2012

My hunt for the perfect skirt...

I used to own the perfect skirt. It was a classic black A-line/flared skirt that sat just below the knee on me. It had beautiful broderie anglaise detailing along the hem; the top layer was scalloped. I felt great in it, and even felt so comfortable in it that I had no worries baring my legs when I wore it! Then... the zip broke. I set it aside, intending to buy a zip from the haberdashers to repair it... yes, I loved it so much I was going to resort to sewing- something I'm completely useless at. Unfortunately, before I'd even had a chance to try, I found out my Mum had thrown it out. I was devastated. If I'm honest, six or seven years later, I still am!

I just haven't been able to find a skirt that fits me so well, flatters my legs, and made me feel as comfortable and confident since. And believe me, I've tried.

But... I think I'm on to something special with this one...

For weeks I'd browse the Matalan website, and take another peek at this navy cotton skirt. It didn't look like anything special, but for some reason I was intrigued. I panicked when I saw 'last chance' stamped across the listing last week, and ordered it before I had time to change my mind. I wasn't expecting much for £12, but thought I'd at least have a basic skirt for comfy days lounging around the house.

It came yesterday... and I fell in love with it immediately. It fits comfortably (though perhaps just a little bit loose on the waist), skims over my curves, and falls below the knee! It's good quality and it's even lined! And, even better, there are no zips to bust! I feel so good in it... dare I say I may even feel confident enough to bare my legs in this little beauty?

I'm not sure what's up with my camera, so apologies for the quality of these pics. I thought I'd brave sharing another glimpse of my face today.

I've dressed down with a yellow and navy cherry print vest I picked up from Next last summer but haven't really worn, and an old white cropped cardi. It might seem like a really drab outfit to most, but I kinda like it.

Just for fun...

I've accessorised with my mint floral ring, which came from a local department store, as well as another of my Abilu Creations charm bracelets. The charms are all seaside related and are everything from lighthouses, to flip flops, anchors, and fish. For a small town girl, I'm such a water baby. I've always loved the sea (honestly, I'm obsessed), so it's the perfect bracelet for me.

I've also popped a little bow in my hair, and a brooch on my cardigan.

Skirt: Matalan
Vest: Next
Cardigan: ? I've had it so long I'm not sure
Bracelet: Abilu Creations (bought in Camden Lock Market)
Brooch: From Camden Lock Market
Bow: From South Street Sea Port in New York
Ring: From a local store
Nail Polish: Barry M

Do you own the perfect skirt? If yes, where did you find it?

What's your ideal skirt?



  1. your old skirt sounds lovely but that one looks amazing on you too! great outfit as always! xxx

    1. It was! Aw thank you Hannah, you've made my day :) xx

  2. This outfit makes you look really tall imo!
    I like the contrasting horizontal stripes, and navy is one of my favorite colors, so I think this is quite a lovely skirt :) and I love how you always match your nails to your outfit!
    Super cute as always ♥

    1. Does it? I thought it made me look shorter!
      Navy is one of my favourite too. When I ordered it I thought it was black so it was a pleasant surprise!
      I actually try not to! These were painted from when I wore the flamingo dress a few days ago; I just couldn't be bothered to repaint.
      Thank you, Nita :)

  3. Love the skirt I really dont do seperates I find the top parts the hardest to get right you look fab ! Xx

    1. Thanks Rachel :). I don't normally either. I can never find the right tops to go with them. I think I've found two tops that will work with this skirt and that's it! xx

  4. arg! my mother threw out a skirt too so many years ago and i too never forgot it! your new skirt is so pretty and romantic and cute with the vest and cardi x ps its nice to see your face again x

    1. Mothers! Who'd have em? Haha. I keep an eye on ebay but I've never seen one like it since. Thanks, Maria :) x


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