Friday, 1 June 2012

Dressed up to the eyes it's a wonderful surprise to see your shoes and your spirits rise

Hello June!

I can't believe we're half way through the year; how do the months pass so quickly these days? I swear it feels like we only just packed the Christmas decorations away. It won't be long before we're putting them back up again!  I am aware by pointing this out and talking about the weather so much, I must be getting old! Somebody save me before I pass the point of no return... oh wait, too late!

I had to pop in to work for a meeting today, and decided to go dressed as myself instead of in something I felt uncomfortably formal in. I thought I looked respectful enough, but still 'me'. It was so muggy today, I was stifling in the tights. I couldn't wait to get home and take them off. The shoes aren't the most flattering on my legs, but I still love em.

Today is the first day I've dared to wear these shoes in almost a year. I wore them to work one day and spent three weeks with burning heels and stinging pain under my toes last summer. I'm going to try them with insoles, as I don't want to give up on them, but the texture of the little heels actually hurts against my skin as they are.

I have a soft spot for this classic quilted style of bag. I think I own four or five quilted chain bags. Perhaps six. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to afford the real deal (a Chanel), but this Miss Selfridge one is a pretty good alternative. I've had it three years and it's served me well so far.

I kept the accessories to a minimum, and wore this black belt, which came with another dress. I didn't have time to add any jewellery, as I was busy trying to paint my nails before I rushed out the door.

♥ Dress: ASOS
♥ Tights: Evans
♥ Cardigan: New Look
♥ Belt: Dorothy Perkins (came with another dress)
♥ Bag: Miss Selfridge
♥ Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

I took advantage of this rare trip out of the house to pick up some magazines to pour over. Reading fashion magazines is one of my favourite vices. I love seeing what's in style each week, and what each store is selling. I find it a great way to gain inspiration; even if I love something by a brand that doesn't go up to my size, I'll try and find something similar from one that does. 

I find Glamour often has good brands as free gifts. This month they have mini Benefit goodies! The magazine I picked up came with The Pore fessional, which is a balm to minimise pores. I'm interested to see if it works as I've always had really bad pores on my nose and nothing I've tried has ever cleared them.

The Marie Claire magazine I bought has a lovely pastel purple (lilac) nail polish from a brand called Ciate. I've never heard of the brand before, but can never resist a new nail polish! I shall paint my nails tonight and share the results with you tomorrow.

My Sister and Brother-in-Law also came up to visit for a few hours today, and brought me gifts from the American Sweet Shop near where they live on the coast. You can't find peanut butter flavoured sweets easily in this country so I'm in treat heaven today!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to brush up on the latest fashions, and no doubt read about the Jubilee mania which is infecting the nation right now.



  1. What a lovely oufit! You look really smart while showing off your style too! Magazines are m vices too..I'd hate to think of all the money I spent each week on them :) xox

    1. Thanks Sian :). I just felt more comfortable going in as me then in a boring shirt and trousers. I stopped buying them for over a year and spent the money on concert tickets instead. I was spending like £40 a month! But now I'm off they're a good distraction again xx

  2. You look amazing, I think I told you this before but there's something about the dress that makes me go "wow" every time I see it! When I think of Louise, I always see you in this dress^^
    I also like how you styled it, it with bag and belt. Love everything ♥

    I always get excited when I get unusual candy, too, even thought I'm normally not that into sweets.
    The color of the nail Polish is pretty, and how sweet is that bow on the bottle?!

    Have fun with the candy and magazines, sweetie :3

    1. Thanks Nita, you're far too nice :). I really do love this dress and glad you like it too.

      'Foreign' sweets are a nice treat! I developed a taste for peanut butter chocolate in NY! LOL.

      I think the nail polish bottle is really cute. Hope it looks as nice on. I will indeed :)

  3. firstly OMG i NEED those pretzels !! i just went to tesco and got the magazine twice i got the pore and that gal would have got the mascara but they didn't have any i love that dress its so cute on you xx

    1. Haha! I remember buying the normal chocolate covered ones when I was about 12 but you don't see them anymore. M&S do some good ones though! I really wanted the 'that gal' but it was the only one not there. I already have the mascara from another magazine freebee not so long ago. Love Benefit! Thank you Rachel :) xx

    2. I've bought the m&s ones before but i need to be restrained as i get 3 bags and eat them all at once! i went into superdrug today and they had one left with the mascara in so i snapped it up xx

    3. I know what you mean; they're addictive! It tends to be a cinema treat for me as there's a shop right opposite my nearest cinema. Glad you found the mascara Glamour. I'll be on the look out for 'that gal' xx


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