Thursday, 28 June 2012

Confessions of a shopaholic...

Well, it's that time of year again when the summer sales are in full swing. This annual ritual only makes me realise that Autumn is not far off, and soon the bright summer clothes will be replaced with dark woolen garments. I refuse to accept summer will soon be over, as so far it's been a wash out in England (how scary is all that flooding?!). I don't hate the cold; I just don't like the short Winter days.

Anyway, the discounted lines available are probably some of the best I've ever seen. I usually have no joy with sales, and always come across clothes which are in the sale for a reason. This season, however, I've had far too much to choose from.

This is what I've been buying:


1. The red shirt dress I've been coveting for months. I'm sure you're fed up of me talking about it by now! I almost caved and bought it on Sunday; luckily I didn't, as the next day it was reduced from £32 to £22. It came this afternoon and I love it!

2. The Aztec skirt was just £17.50 (I think it was originally about £35). Again, it's another skirt I kept going back to look at. Coming to an OOTD soon...

3. I clicked on the black and pink gingham playsuit last night after scrolling past it all season. I never even realised it came in green, but how cute?! It was down from £40 to £14. I've never owned a playsuit before, and probably wouldn't wear one out of the house (leg complex issues), but I hope it fits and can be worn around the house.

4. Some of the Model's Own nail art pens are reduced to £4 from £6. I've been wanting to buy some so I can polka dot my nails, so I picked one up to try.

The Body Shop

I had a nice little return from the Tax Man, so I was able to take advantage of The Body Shop's new offers (after restraining myself on the weekend), and bought a lot for my money.

  • They're currently offering 40% off all non-sale items using code FETE12.
  • Offering 50% all 'Strawberries and Cream' products because of Wimbledon (ie all strawberry scented products, and face creams).
  • Offering a free bottle of Earth Lovers shower gel when you spend £5!

I've not been asked to promote The Body Shop in any way, I just wanted to share the good offers I found.

I spent about £37 and bought:

1. The shimmer waves blusher I've wanted for months.
2. My regular Vitamin E moisturise cream which I've just ran out of.
3. A watermelon 'Born Lippy' lip balm (which I can't decide whether to keep or add to my Sister's birthday box).
4. The under eye concealer/ highlighter 'Lightening Touch' I've desperately needed to replace.
5. Coconut Milk Body Lotion.
6. Coconut Shower Cream.
And 7. Is the free Earth Lovers shower gel I chose in Pear and Lemongrass.

And I also bought three or four other items to put away for my Sister's birthday in August. I literally can't wait for my haul to get here. It's been a while since I've splurged on cosmetics, but I saved a small fortune.

I later picked up these two from Amazon:

1. The Women DVD, as I've wanted it for ages.

2. Nail art tools. I've wanted to try my hand at nail art for years, but have never had the right tools. I was going to buy a few more Nail Art pens from ASOS, and suddenly had a brain wave. This set of 5 tools came to less than £3 with delivery, and it means I'm not limited to using just a couple of colours. I can use my entire polish collection to draw on my nails.

I'm actually amazed at how little I've spent on all these things!

And these are a few things I'm also loving:

Dorothy Perkins (non-sale items)

ASOS (sale items)

ASOS (non-sale)-- it has racoons on it! Racoons!

What have you been buying, and what have you got your eye on?



  1. Yaaaay what lovely new things! I wanted that shirt dress and playsuit, too, but I can't really wear the Curve line, it somehow never fits right. But I'm really glad you bought these, I'm sure you'll look amazing in them and I can live vicariously through you :D

    1. I find them often come up quite large, so I'm really able to fit in to both curve and ordinary lines. I'm not expecting the playsuit to look good, but it's worth a shot since it's so cute! Haha!

  2. i need the racoon blouse right now - i also really am loving the red shirt dress and play suit, you are going to look so fabulous in them - i also am going to live vicariously through you too as i now havent bought any clothes for over 4 (yes) 4 weeks...faint x

    1. Thank you, Maria :). How amazing is that shirt?! I don't even like shirts that much! 4 weeks? Well done you! x

  3. I love all your sale bargains xx

    1. Thanks Rachel :). I think I've done well xx


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