Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The best of us can find happiness in misery...

Another day of pyjama-itis for me today. I swear to you I did not just make that term up! Sufferers just cannot get up and out of their comfy beds to get dressed in to appropriate day-wear. It's a very serious illness and awareness desperately needs to be raised, I tell you! 

Pyjama-itis can roughly be translated to 'lazy immobile loser'.

I've been lying in bed reading Stephen King's IT, and Company magazine, and I also watched The Others (remember that?) while painting my nails. It's the little things that make me get through days like these with a smile on my face.

I haven't got an outfit to share with you as I just can't move, so I thought I'd share a few photos that I've been saving up from around my room instead.

First, I wanted to show you my F+F Tesco cardigan that came this morning. It's super soft, and the spots are a gorgeous bright turquoise. I can't wait to wear it with all my summer outfits and for only £14, it was a real bargain. I don't know if Tesco offers delivery outside of the UK, but the cardigan can be found here.

Before and After

I'm running out of room in my wardrobe; even after moving some of my less-worn clothes in to the hallway cupboard. Colour coordinating was great for a while, but grouping clothes that way meant I couldn't use the space underneath to its full potential. So, throughout the day yesterday, I moved a few bits at a time; organising by garment type, until it eventually came to look like the photo on the right.

Don't you just love the bright, unfaded look of new clothes? (New cardis, top photo). It's obvious I have a fondness for colour and prints.

This is my dressing table. I really don't care for the furniture or decor in this room. It's in desperate need of a complete over-haul, but I do the best with what I have.

I don't like too much clutter on show, but I love having pretty things on display, like my hair-bands, and flower clips. The mannequin is used to hang dangley earrings (of which I have very little) and hair clips, and I've used an old vase for my bracelets. I want to get hold of a couple of vintage-looking cake stands to display them on instead. I promise you I don't use the hurricane lamp around the flammable lotions and potions! It wouldn't be a wise move, kids.

I love DKNY Delicious perfumes; they all smell divine. My summer scent of choice is Escada. It's so pleasant and fruity; it reminds me of summer and holidays.

Turquoise tones feature heavily in my every day life, from bangles to brushes to belts. I also love scarves, and can never resist a pretty bow.

A little peek in to various pieces of costume jewellery out on display.

I've had this lilac leather jewellery box for years. My best friend gave me it as a birthday present one year many moons ago. Most of the earrings here are just costume, but I do have a real pair of pearl earrings and a pair of yellow sapphire studs from my Mum in here, too, and use the box for my 'special' jewellery.

The gold heart locket belonged to my late Nan, and the other two necklaces with it were both 'milestone' birthday presents from my Sister and bestie.

I hope you've enjoyed having a little glance in to the organised chaos of my world.



  1. Love all the colours in your wardrobe ! I'm a bit nosey as I'm sure you know what's in the cola box do you have a secret stash of coke? Your dressing table is real pretty xx

    1. Thanks! I love a good nosey too. It's a not so secret stash of coca cola lol. For those sweet cravings/ emergency medication doses when I can't get a glass or water. I can't manage stairs right now xx

    Folie A Deux is actually my favorite album of all time ♥ Flawless title choice as always.

    And such pretty pictures! I love peeking into other people rooms this way, I always like seeing how others organize. Great job on your closet, I love how the clothes get longer and longer as it goes from left to right. And I'm in love with our accessories, but I think you already know that :)

    1. You have excellent taste! Folie A Deux is amazing.

      I do, too. I'm so nosey! Thanks hun; you're too kind :)

  3. i tried once to have a wardrobe rule - if something new went in, something would have to come out - didn't last long, i'm not a lover of rules - my clothes are everywhere - although i have some long open storage units (i heart ikea) that helps me - thanks for the nosey, i liked it very much x ps i didn't think 'chaos' i thought boudoir!

    1. Oh no, I wouldn't like that rule! Good idea in theory but only if there are a few things you're willing to give up. I may have to start storing clothes on the ceiling. Haha. Ikea is great for storage. Boudoir sounds better than chaos. Thanks! Lol.

  4. lol our wardrobes are like opposites! yours is all bright colours and prints, whereas at least 70% of mine is black! xD xxx

    1. It's rare for me to wear a lot of plain black pieces. I love colour and prints! I'm not even sure how I found the courage to start wearing bold clothes... But black is also very classic and classy and I bet you have an amazing collection! xx


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