Hi there! Welcome to Polka Spots and Freckle Dots!

My name is Louise and I'm a generously-freckled thirty-two year old from Oxfordshire, England with a passion for style and beauty, and a slight addiction to dresses, colour, novelty accessories, and colourful eye make up.

I love live music, going to gigs, photography, novelty handbags, making crafty things, cross-stitching, travelling, adventures, nature, creative-writing, musicals, animals, trips to the theatre, quirky jewellery, reading, hanging out with my crazy Tibetan terrier pup, Rosie, and all things Cath Kidston.

Polka Spots and Freckle Dots is a place where I blog about my style, plus size fashion, beauty, life, health, chronic pain and chronic illness, books, crafts... whatever takes my fancy. I enjoy blogging about all kinds of things. My blog actually began as a plus size fashion blog, but over time became an everything blog.

This blog is my escape from an on-going battle with fibromyalgia, bertolottis disease, ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative disc disease, and a few other health problems, which, together, have left me in constant, chronic pain and have kept me house bound since September 2011. I started the blog as a distraction from the pain and all the negative parts of living life on hiatus with chronic illness; something to keep me busy during the long hours I spend confined to bed, and somewhere along the line it evolved in to a life line for me to cling to everyday, and an outlet which helps to lift me up.

I realised early on that my outfits were raising my spirits and chronicling them seemed like a fun idea. It's amazing how a great dress or a bit of make up can make a huge difference to my every day moods; but who am I to argue? My style has become an effective painkiller for me, and it works better than any medicine ever has.

I also began blogging in the hope of working towards self-acceptance. After a life time spent hating my body, suddenly having my life turned upside down put life in to perspective for me, and I slowly began to change the way I saw myself. It was also through finding the wonderful world of body positivity and plus size blogs that same month, that my eyes truly began to open. Seeing plus size ladies looking happy, comfortable, and confident in their own skin while rocking amazing outfits was inspiring, and in time, such ladies inspired me to begin my own blog. I'm pleased to say that today I'm further along that yellow brick road to self-acceptance than I've ever been before, and the Emerald City would not be in sight if I hadn't discovered those ladies and the blogging world. I hope to reach that city one day.

I believe in body-positivity and acceptance at every size, and that we shouldn't judge somebody just because of the number stitched in to their clothes. We can all look good in fashionable clothes no matter our shape or size; and nobody should ever tell you otherwise! We all deserve to be respected for who we are.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, or have any questions or comments, you can email me at polkaspotsandfreckledots@gmail.com, or alternatively, tweet @FrecklesandDots

Thanks for stopping by!
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