Saturday, 28 April 2018

Wild & Wolf Folklore Bear and Deer Necklaces

For Christmas last year, one of my sisters gave me two adorable enamel Folklore necklaces designed by Nina Jarema for Wild & Wolf, and while I featured them in my 'what I got for Christmas haul' a few months ago, I thought it was about time I gave you guys a closer peek at them. 

I was given two different but equally lovely long pendant necklaces from the Folklore collection- a charming grey bear and a handsome navy blue stag, each with gorgeous folky detail decorating the enamel.

The deer is a navy blue stag with the cutest little tail and antlers, and pretty gold, white, and amber detailing. I think he'll be particularly perfect for wearing at Christmas time as he looks like a fairisle reindeer, but he'll make a lovely finishing touch to outfits in all seasons. A deer is for life, and not just for Christmas.

The bear, which I think might just be my favourite of the two critters, is medium-grey in colour with similar textured gold, white, and amber detail to the deer embellishing its body. He has one foot raised in travel, probably on a quest to hunt some salmon. Or maybe maul an unsuspecting human.

Both necklaces are made from high-quality enamel and backed with chunky gold metal, that should hold up well against wear and tear, and hopefully last for many years to come. They both fasten with a lobster clasp, and have long gold-coloured chains that can extend from 72cm to 80cm, which is fantastic as  they sit around waist length on me and I prefer my necklaces long. The longer length makes them plus size friendly, too, so these necklaces will fit you no matter your size.

These necklaces come framed in modern card packaging, so they'd make great gifts for your jewellery loving friends and family, or a lovely treat for yourself. Trust me, I loved waking up to these on Christmas morning. The interesting thing about the packaging is that it tells you three qualities of the animal featured in the necklace, which could help you choose the perfect design for yourself or your loved one based on your / their personality. The bear is brave, reflective, and confident, while the deer is graceful, compassionate, and intuitive. I'm definitely not brave, confident, or graceful, but I like to think I share their other qualities. I'm pretty sure my sister will have chosen them for me based on the designs and not the qualities, but she chose well because I love them both. They're both so lovely. Well, you know me; I can never resist a quirky piece of jewellery; especially when it's animal themed!

I'm not sure where my sister purchased them from, but we did come across the range together in a Frosts garden centre a year or two ago. I remember seeing lots of other products in the range, including brooches and key rings, and falling in love with the fox designs.

I've had a good search for stockists online, which took some effort, and found the bear available from Atom Retro, and an Australian site called Birds Nest, and the deer is available from Anna DaviesBibelot , and Birds Nest.

Which one do you like best; the bear or the deer? Do you own anything from the Folklore collection?

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  1. They are both very attractive necklaces. I like the bear one best! I do actually own one of their necklaces-I have the fox one which was bought for me as a Christmas present from Anthropologie by my Deputy Head teacher- I find the chain a bit long and do tend to get it caught on things!


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