Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sunday Favourites #317

It's the time of the week again...

I love the look of these colourful pot of gold cosmic brownies from Aww Sam.

These pretty DIY floral temporary tattoo mugs from Sarah Hearts.

Oh Happy Day's pom pom ice cream cone bag make over is so darn cute.

I love these awesome t-shirts from Kate Gabrielle, especially the Mary Poppins quote tee.

Women's Day balloon phrases by Oh Happy Day.

This confetti placemat DIY from A Kailo Chic Life.

This beautiful pink and red heart embroidery from Aimee Mac Illustration.

A floral spring time statement brooch from Oh Joy.

I also love Oh Joy's pretty DIY sequin skirts.

A Subtle Revelry's pineapple coconut cakes look amazing.

These painted pebbles by artist Akie Nakata are too cute.

I love these wreaths, used as wedding decor by Anything But Gray Events.

These embroidered landscape scenes by artist Vera Shimunia are so beautiful.

Lovely Links

♥ The Internet can't stop laughing at Brits who are in absolute chaos because of a little snow. Yep, it's true; we Brits aren't made for the snow. We don't get it often, so we're just not prepared for it when it comes. We don't have snow chains or winter tires on our cars and our councils don't plough the roads, so the country just falls apart. Show us terrorism, war, rain, or surviving on a low wage, though, and we'll soldier on like a bad ass!

Some great tips on how to take a great flatlay by Hayley Hall.

♥ Which blogging platform should you use? Lazy Thoughts give you the low down.

♥ Incredible facts that you probably didn't know. I lost a few days reading through them all as I found them so fascinating.

♥ 'What I've learned shopping on the cusp of 14/16.' (18/20 UK) You might just find this eye-opening.

♥ 17 dog owners who set the bar extremely high. What we won't do for our pups!

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What was your favourite part this week?

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