Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sunday Favourites #282

Who's ready for some Sunday Favourites?

Kate Gabrielle's salted dark chocolate coconut bites look delicious.

I need these 'Buffet Queen' pins from Punky Pins in my life.

Contrary to popular belief, fat is NOT a bad word. Art by Anna Toman.

These summer fruit slice doughnuts from Aww Sam look amazing!

How cute are these DIY flair pins from Damask Love?!

This DIY rainbow woven tote from The House That Lars Built is so lovely.

I adore Lazy Kat's dreamy colourful hair.

These pink and gold fondant swan cookies from Best Friends For Frosting are adorable.

Oh Happy Day's ombre honeycomb waterfall arch looks so impressive. I need one in my house!

I wish I had the need for a DIY fruity summer bar cart because this one from Studio DIY looks so pretty.

This neon technicolour Parisian basketball court would be an awesome place to take outfit photos and Instagram-able pictures!

Danielle Clough's series of embroidered tennis rackets is amazing.

These pretty kitties.

Cheetahs are so shy that some zoos give them their own emotional support dogs!

Lovely Links

♥ A woman who was called a monster for her head-to-toe moles could be the next Miss Universe. I think she looks beautiful! Moles and freckles are just nature's polka dots, people! I don't know why some people have such a problem with them.

♥ If you want to get in to comping, Victoria's guide to winning competition prizes is well worth a read. She's won £30,000 worth of prizes over the years!

♥ Worried about an upcoming MRI scan? Sarah's tips and advice should tell you all you need to know.

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Thanks for reading!

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